Want to Become A Good Golfer? Here Are 6 Ways to Do It

When talking about getting better at golf, the mind is always racing with things like working with a professional, joining a golf club, or switching your woods and irons with clubs matching your specifications. These are things that shave strokes off your scorecard. However, it’s vital to notice the incremental improvements you are making even without spending more money.

Just like in other sports, golf requires skill and the right equipment to play it well. It’s difficult to play golf by yourself, as you need partners and a goal that keeps you focused on bettering your game. The experts at state that learning the basics will help you improve your game. To the uninitiated, golf can be a little complicated as there are many rules. The right equipment helps and you need to focus on acquiring the proper equipment that allows you to sharpen your imperfect skills. However, make learning a priority to ensure you have the skills before you start buying that expensive golf equipment. 

1. Get an Eye-Checkup

Why? A declining vision affects your aim and you are better off wearing corrective glasses. You can’t hit the golf ball accurately to a far hole if you have blurry vision. Routine eye-check up helps your game. Clear vision is necessary for good aim and improved coordination between your eye band hands. Eyes play a big role in depth perception.

2. Hold Your Pose After a Shot

It doesn’t matter whether you chip, putt, drive or bunker a shot, complete your swing in a perfect finish position. The swing must be properly synced and have good rhythm. The speed should be right all the way through to impact. Focus more on getting the right finish and your golf game will get better with each strike of the golf ball.

3. Practice Golf Using Your Worst Ball

It’s important that you have an all-round game and the necessary mental toughness to be a consistent and better golfer. Try using Worse Ball drill as it helps you become a great golfer.

The techniques help you get better at playing golf even with your worst balls. Do it until you have holed out. It’s vital to maintain a pre-shot routine while concentrating on each shot. Remember, just like the dimples on a golf ball affect its flight, your mental focus and pre-shot routine can greatly impact your swing and overall performance on the course.
The next two shots can be with a rough. If any of the balls land on a bunker and the other a green, then take the next two shots from that bunker. Consider yourself to have accomplished a great milestone if you can play with your worst balls. Condition yourself to improve your trouble shots and handle adversity.

4. Practice and Learn How to Pitch Sidearm

Amateurs mostly struggle to swing golf clubs in the right sequence. It happens a lot and you can avoid it if you pitch with your sidearm. Grab the tennis ball and throw it forcefully against a wall using a sidearm. Can you load automatically into your further leg from the wall with arms rearing back for that throw? The more you practice sidearm pitching the more your training synchronizes which means you drive the ball right.

5. Walk More

Walking alone makes you more in tune with your game. Walking alone calms you down even after taking a bad shot or a great shot. It gives you an opportunity to look at the position of the pin as you walk to the ball and make a decision about what position to play to. Besides, it gives you ample time to size up the risks and rewards of taking a shot over a water hazard.

You can’t experience all that if you are riding on a golf cart with blaring music which distracts you from your mission or task at hand. Walking enables you to revel in the beauty of your surroundings.

6. Stretch Your Hamstrings

Poor hamstrings work against your golf game. This mostly comes from the anterior muscle and seated lifestyle dominance. When you have chronically tight and short hamstrings, your golf swing takes a beating leading to injuries that can keep you away from the golf course.

Start your day by doing stretches of your hamstrings. Hold on to something to get a better balance as you do hamstring stretches.

Swing more to improve your practice, even when at home. You only need a fraction of the space and can use any golf club. Practicing swinging increases your flexibility and strength in various positions. Build a repeated motion for perfect swings. Observe the tips discussed above to improve your golf game. Don’t be intimidated when others around you are playing better. Put in the effort and your game will be better.

Written by nikola

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