Wedding Photography Tips For Beginning Photographers

Stressing out before shooting your first wedding? Or you just want to bring your photography skills to the next level? Wish there was a way to avoid all the common mistake amateur photographers make?

Follow these 10 wedding photography tips that every wedding photographer should know at the very beginning of his/her career.

1. Get Acquainted with Your Couple

One of the primary wedding photography tips is to arrange a meeting with a couple and discuss important details prior to making any plans.

It seems obvious, however, it is the most effective way of finding out your clients’ preferences when it comes to wedding shots. These wishes aren’t universal for all newlyweds!

2. Apply Presets

Wedding Photography Tips For Beginning Photographers

Photography for weddings requires thorough culling, color correction, and something photo retouching. At such events, you are likely to shoot approximately about 1000 pictures.

Once you have selected the necessary shots, it is time to edit and retouch them. That’s where free wedding Lightroom presets come in handy.

They significantly reduce the efforts and hours spent on picture post-production.

Besides, LR presets will improve your images in the best way possible and become indispensable photo editing tools. Add Matte, Pastel, Light & Airy or Film effects just in several clicks.

3. Outsource Picture Editing

Photo editing and portrait retouching of wedding photography for beginners may appear an exhausting and challenging task. If you aren’t ready to dedicate hours to this process, just delegate your wedding photo retouching to professional companies.

Outsource picture post-production and without spending much money you’ll save your precious time and efforts. I think you can agree that it is better to concentrate on the further development of your wedding photo business, promote your services to clients and keep up with other successful photographers.

Moreover, outsourcing picture post-processing is a great way for newbies who haven’t understood how to edit shots in professional softwares like Photoshop or Lightroom.

4. Make Up a Photo Checklist

When learning wedding photography basics, don’t forget to prepare a list of key events, elements and subjects you are supposed to take pictures of in advance.

Typically, photographers capture those moments when newlyweds walk down the aisle, exchange rings, kiss each other, cut the wedding cake or dance.

Mind that such elements, as wedding decorations, bouquets and rings, should be shot too. Discuss everything that you are planning to shoot with a couple. There may be some guests or family members that should be photographed too.

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5. Sign Up a Contract

Signing a contract with a couple is one of the most important wedding photography tips for beginners. With a properly drafted contract, a mutual understanding between a photographer and a couple are guaranteed.

The contract must include such points as the price, date, working time, overtime and travel time, what exactly a couple should receive after a photo shoot, when a photographer will get the payment and other minor but no less significant details.

Don’t agree to photograph a wedding until both sides sign a contract.

6. Bring Extra Equipment

Beginning wedding photography requires you to be ready for all kinds of unexpected situations. Think through all possible ways out if something goes wrong at the wedding.

Don’t neglect packing extra shooting equipment in case the main one gets broken. SD cards and batteries wouldn’t go amiss. Of course, not every novice photographer can afford to purchase additional gear. However, you can try borrowing the stuff you need from friends or renting it for a small payment.

7. Know Everything about Wedding Timeline

Knowing the starting time of the wedding ceremony and the events that are going to occur gives you an advantage. The whole wedding consists of a great number of moments – when newlyweds exchange vows, rings, their first kiss, and you are supposed to capture them in good time.

As a person who has experience taking photography for weddings, I can definitely say that things happening during such an event greatly depend on the type of ceremony. Don’t hesitate and ask a couple to provide you with wedding schedule so that you are prepared for what comes next.

8. Set a Camera to the Silent Mode

Do not distract the newlyweds and the guests with the noise of your camera. Before the beginning of the ceremony, set a camera to the silent mode and don’t turn the sound back on.

When your camera doesn’t make any noise, the subject won’t even notice that you are shooting and the pictures will turn out natural and lifestyle, not posed.

9. Wear Appropriate Clothes

The style of clothing for wedding photographers may be formal or casual. It depends on the type of ceremony. Your outfit, first of all, should be convenient and show that you are a real pro.

In case you are a female photographer, feel free to neglect the rules and put on trousers. I remember when I just started the journey of beginning wedding photography, once I wore a skirt and I was worrying that it could lift up rather than focusing on shooting.

Also, keep in mind that whatever you put on will reflect off the white wedding gown. I wouldn’t suggest wearing high heels or noisy shoes for the guests’ comfort and your own as well.

10. Attend the Venue in Advance

When you are familiar with the location, where the shooting will take place, you won’t have difficulties finding a great angle. You may not have such an option, but it still can help you feel less nervous about photographing in an unknown place.

Take a few friends with you and try taking some shots. One of the helpful wedding photography tips for beginners is to approach the officiant. In some venues, it is prohibited to take pictures of specific places and the officiant may not approve of it.

Discuss this question with them before the wedding day, ask about other possible restrictions to avoid unpleasant surprises.

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