What to Consider when Looking for Wine Club Gift Cards

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Wine club gift cards can be an excellent present for any wine lover – as long as the card is from the right kind of company. You’ll want to consider what wines they like, if you know any of their favorite wineries or wine regions – or even better, where they live.

You’ll also need to think about the kind of budget that’s right for your gift card, whether it’s $50 so they can pick up a bottle on special occasions; $100 because the wines they want are on the more expensive side; or $200 for something unique.

How Much Do You Want to Spend?

Some companies offer special discounts and sales, so it may only cost $25! But others give you free wine.


What kind of wine do you like to drink the most?


Are you watching your calories, carbs, or gluten intake? If so, choose a low-carb white. But if not, try out some full-bodied red! And if it’s an important event where everyone will be bringing their best bottle, choose a blend or an exciting type of wine that you don’t usually drink.

What Type of Gifts Do You Want?

Some wine clubs offer special gift packages for holidays or other events. If you want to do something different than the usual bottle-of-wine present, these are excellent choices! But if your budget is tight, buy a regular gift card.

How Many Clubs Are There to Choose From?

Some areas have dozens of wine clubs, while others only have one or two options! If you’re looking for a great deal on your present, try out the company with more than one club in your area – that way, they’ll compete against each other and offer lower prices!

For the best wine club gift cards, look from the best clubs:

Wine Insiders

They have more than one club in your area and offer free shipping. Plus, there is no minimum purchase required! You can buy individual bottles or their monthly package deals. If you spend more than $150 total on any order throughout the year, you’ll get free shipping.


If you are a member of this club, you already know that they have great deals on wine! Plus, their gift cards never expire. Remember to check your local area first because not all locations carry the same brands and types of wine. They also require a minimum purchase amount for free shipping.

Wine of the Month Club

This company has been around for over 30 years and is one of the best mail-order wine clubs in America! They have three different types: classic, silver, and gold. The classic includes six bottles each month, while silver and gold include 12 or 24 per shipment, respectively. You can also choose the type of wine you want. They have over 100 varieties to pick from!


This company started with a focus on small wineries that other clubs or stores don’t carry. You can select four wines each month based on your preferences, and it’s free shipping for any orders over $100 (which is pretty easy to do!).

How does a wine subscription gift work?

A wine subscription gift is an excellent idea for any lover of the drink. It’s effortless to get started – all you need to do is choose which company has the best deal and ask how much it costs (some give away freebies or discounted prices). Then, pay online or over the phone with your credit card! After that, you’ll receive your first shipment of wine within a few weeks.

Make sure you know all of the details before buying your wine club gift cards! Remember to pay attention to discounts and sales because it can save you money on your purchase – while still offering them a fantastic gift! The more information you have, the better chance that they’ll get something perfect for their taste and budget.

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