What To Get If You Need To Work Remotely In A Challenging and Harsh Environment

In recent years, working remotely has gained widespread popularity since it makes life easier and more enjoyable. While working remotely seems tempting, it has its fair of challenges. The biggest challenge pertains to the items you will require to make it possible for the environment – especially if it’s harsh – to serve as an office. Working away from your office or home is not like a typical holiday vacation. This is because you will be bringing your laptop and your daily checklist. After all, work has to continue. Additionally, this means you will need to have a proper workstation. We have prepared a list that will ensure you work more productively and efficiently.

Internet Access

This is the first thing you need to think about. Internet connectivity plays an integral role in every working environment. This is not the same as working from your home office where you may have a fast internet. If the area you are in doesn’t have a wired internet, we recommend making sure that you have a mobile hotspot. For non-tech-savvy people, a mobile hotspot is the ability to access the internet while on the go. If you lose connection when traveling, a mobile hotspot can act readily as a backup. When talking about internet connection, your vitality depends on it. This is why you should make sure you are subscribed to the best network provider. This guarantees that your work will not suffer from a sudden signal drop.

Remember To Gear Up

If you will be working from a remote environment, it means you will be moving from one place to another. This may involve different terrains and some harsh environments. This is why you should gear up accordingly. Gearing up means having the necessary equipment that is tailored to your environment. You can research sites from the internet that explain how you can incorporate safety measures based on some customized configuration. You should also ensure that the equipment you have can withstand harsh conditions.  Based on tech experts from, you will also need to think about setting up your equipment, especially if you have items like monitors or a printer. Additionally, if your work involves carrying some large equipment, we recommend going for plastics and aluminum since they are light hence easy to carry.


Packing items for travel is easy as you already have everything you need in your head. However, sometimes the smallest of things – and which are critical – are forgotten quickly. One of such items includes your chargers. The worst nightmare you can have is being away from home, seeing your devices down to 10%, and realizing you forgot the chargers. You can save yourself the high service station prices of buying a replacement by packing all the necessary plugs. We recommend writing down a checklist when packing your items a few days before traveling. On the day of travel, you can cross-check everything on the list and ensure nothing is left behind.


This is also a critical item that you need to think about. If you’re not traveling under the company of a doctor, you need to remember your medication. This is especially vital for individuals with chronic conditions or if you take medication regularly. The worst nightmare you can have is realizing the medicine you usually consume before bed is not there because, well, you’re not in your bedroom anymore. Additionally, you can also carry some standard medications like painkillers or sunscreen – if you know the environment will be hot.

Warm And Comfortable Shoes

It would be best to carry a pair of waterproof and close-toed shoes. If you know the environment is going to be harsh, avoid being fashionable with your footwear. While you might be traveling by air, plane, or train, you will also be walking – probably a lot. If you have a heavy backpack, you will need to take care of your feet first. We recommend two pairs of shoes – one a strong sandal and the other, which is a hiking boot.

Don’t Forget Your Documents

Your documentation is something you need to double and triple-check. Before packing your passport and driving license, it will help if you make two or three copies of each. Additionally, you can also make copies of your credit cards and birth certificate. You need to remember some other vital documents such as vaccination records, insurance cards, medical prescriptions, and finally, your emergency contact details.

What To Get If You Need To Work Remotely In A Challenging and Harsh Environment

You can also include additional items such as a headlamp and a journal. The latter is highly recommended as chances are, you’ll forget some details. Having a journal is an excellent way to capture emotions, testimonials, new vocabularies, and daily habits. We hope our checklist will come in handy when you’re preparing for your next trip.

Written by George K.

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