What’s the max Dyson V8 Air Watts suction power?

What’s the most popular cordless vacuum stick in the market? It’s Dyson V8. It is available in 3 different options namely MotorHead, v8 Absolute, and Animal. Since, Dyson V8 incorporates the most powerful motor with 115 Dyson V8 Air Watts and is known to be the best cleaning vacuum cleaner with the cord-free facility, picking becomes slightly difficult. Which model will value your money greatly depends on the specifications and maintenance factor. So, let’s get compare the three and release the buying difficulty.

Two convertible cordless and powerful vacuum cleaners offered by Dyson are Dyson V8 Absolute and Dyson V8 Animal. It follows up specific philosophy compared to Dyson V6 & V7 on operating time, Power mode Operating time, suction power, motor air filter, dirt cup, charging time, dimensions, and weight. One can use it as they are lightweight vacuum handheld cleaners. It comes with comprehensive cleaning attachment and tool ranges and is capable of cleaning elevated surfaces and floors. It is designed for apartments, larger homes, etc.

Dyson V8 Absolute vs Animal:

Features & specifications-

The Dyson V8 absolute is available in the yellow-orange wand. It has two cleaner heads namely soft roller and direct drive cleaner heads. The Dyson V8 animal has a grayish wand with direct cleaner head. Both are available with Motorized tool, combination tool, docking station, crevice tool, and soft dusting brush.

Dyson V8 has a physical dimension as 9.8x49x8.8 inches or 24.9×124.5×22.4 cm.

The V8 animal weight is 5.63 pound or 2.55 Kg with cordless stick configuration and direct cleaner head. The V8 absolute has a weight of 5.75 pounds or 2.6 Kg with a soft roller head and cordless stick configuration.

They can be easily maneuvered around obstacles, and floor objects because of the very low profile of heads. They are suitable for furniture, sofas, and beds. It is powered with a lithium-ion battery that requires 5 hours of charging.

It features two-tier cyclones that would generate centrifugal forces to clean air and separate dirt. Post-MOTOR HEPA air filter and Pre-motor air filer is installed that remove dirt particles using airflow. The air filters are washable and this decreases maintenance costs.

Cleaning attachments-

The cleaning attachment is possible in both the models. The attachment and tool include Soft dusting brush, crevice tool, docking station, and mini motorized tool and combination tool.

  • Direct drive cleaner Heads- it will feature a stiff nylon bristle which will agitate dirt deeply in rugs and carpets thus enabling strong suction and pull out dirt away in the cup.
  • Soft Roller Cleaner Heads– it will feature a bar that got wrapped in woven nylon syndicated with fiber filaments. It thus picks up small particles and large debris on the sensitive wooden floor and bare floors.
  • Mini Motorized Tool– it will feature a motorized brush roll that can be used for carrying dirt such as human hair, lint, fibers, dust, and pet hair as well. It can also be used to clean sofas, stairs, seat, surfaces and car seats using the cleaning tool.
  • Mini Soft dust brush– it can be used for sensitive elevated surfaces and surface that are sensitive using motorized tool
  • Combination Tool- it got designed with 2 in 1 tool that allows you to switch tools quickly
  • Crevice tool– this tool is a narrow and long cleaning tool intended to clean tight areas and narrow areas such as a corner, cushions, edges, mattresses, and car seats. It offers strong suction.

Some of the improvements in Dyson cordless vacuums comparison:

  • Bigger motor– the new Dyson has enhanced motor with power up to 15% more. It offers maximum output compared to V6.
  • Better agitation– the Dyson V8 has better agitation of 150%. Thus it provides the utmost level of cleaning performance and pick up dirt quickly. The soft roller head is fluffy and bristled tool is known as “direct-drive” head.
  • Improved dirt bin– the significant improved that contributes immensely is improved dirt bin. You don’t have to make use of your finger so as to dislodge dirt that got trapped in inner mesh filter and outer casing. The newly designed lever will pull and do the things perfectly. Now you don’t have to rely on gravity and trap door to empty dirt. The mesh filter removes charged dirt such as pet hair.
  • Larger battery– the run time is extended from 25 min to 40 min with a new lithium-ion battery. The run time of the motorized tool is 25 minutes.
  • Less noise– the engineers have developed the V8 in such a way that it has reduced sound due to significant acoustic improvements with no suction power compromise. It produces 66-decibel loudness compared to V6 that produces 80 decibels. .
  • Max switch– Max switch will allow the user to unleash max power of V8 motor.
  • Cleaning test- since it is cordless stick vacuum, it clean deeply thus confirm cleaning test. Test state that it picks up sand and power up to 92% from pile carpet. The surface test reveals 100% dirt cleaning. The soft roller head cleans hard floor easily and grabs dirt of any size.

How long it will run?

The official V8 will run 40 minutes using non-motorized attachments. The feasible run time makes it adequate with motorized tools attached.

Running and maintenance costs-

It has two filters and it if lifetime washable filters which need no replacement. It can be dried for 24 hours before re-attachment.

It is available with a 2-year warranty period and offers higher capacity.

V8 animal-

It has similar tools as that of V8 absolute minus soft roller head. It is capable of cleaning bare floor dust and debris.

Does it provide good value?

Yes, of course, the V8 Dyson model offers high value to your money and pick up surface debris on the hard floor, carpet and rug with 100% guarantee.

If you are looking for cheaper option Dyson V8 is the only option left for deep cleaning.


This is all about Dyson cordless vacuums comparison. You must check the model, cleaning path, weight, length, and cordless, warranty, and price, dust bin capacity and bagless factors.

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