Why is staub cookware so expensive

That’s the question people ask me again and again. Let’s talk about why some people are ready to pay extra for Staub cookware.

There are different reasons for this but the first one coming to my mind is the cost of producing any goods in Western countries. It is simply expensive to produce them in France due to the labor and operation costs in Europe in comparison to Far East countries, e.g. China, where the production costs will be considerably lower.

Another obvious reason for Staub cookware to be more expensive than any rival products made in China is the quality. Look at any Staub Dutch oven and you’ll see the impeccability of the paint, great attention to detail, the perfection of the finish. Staub production is not fully machine operated; some things are still hand-made, which always makes the difference.

Involving human hands in production, apart from increasing costs, definitely slows down the whole process, which – no surprise here – leads to decreasing the number of goods you can produce. So, the volume of production being quite low, you’ll have to increase the prices to cover the costs anyway.

When we buy something for our kitchens, we rarely think about branding strategies. However, these are what can influence the price tremendously, which is undoubtedly true for Staub. The main Staub’s rival on this niche market is Le Creuset, which positions the brand as a premium Dutch oven. So, Staub has actually no choice but to position their brand as exclusive. Hence, the price increases even more. You can read more about comparing staub and le creuset on

Apart from being exclusive, Staub brand is positioned as desirable, like any exclusive brand, by the way. The market exists as there are successful and well-off people who see Staub as a lifestyle brand and are ready to pay for the product.

The shipping costs and tariffs due to be paid when the product is delivered to different markets also add to the final retail price.

All things considered, the decision of whether to pay the high price for Staub cookware or not is a subjective one. If you are a person who is okay with paying extra for the product that is desirable and exclusive, you’ll be a proud owner of the highest quality cookware that will add a little more pleasure to your cooking adventure. The choice is yours.

If you are still not quite sure of whether to buy or not, go on reading.

Set up in 1974 in the Alsace region of France by Francis Staub, Staub produces a whole range of enameled cast iron cookware, Dutch ovens among them.

When talking about enameled Dutch ovens, we expect the browning performance to be roughly similar. However, using Staub Dutch oven, you will be amazed by the consistency of browning with all sides of the meat you are cooking seared equally well. The producers say they use quartz in Staub cast iron which might increase the heat temperature and give you this effect.

If you compare Staub cookware with the competitive products you can find on the market nowadays, you will see the enamel looks thicker with the paintwork flat and glossy.

Speaking about the general aesthetics, Staub Dutch ovens design is very different to the others, I would even say unique. There is plenty of room to watch the food cooked, though some people would say it is difficult to see due to the dark interior. However, we all know that the dark interior will look new for much longer. Another thing you might like about the oven is that the lid is really tight, which is essential for cooking certain dishes.

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