6 Common Uses for Seamless Rolled Rings

6 Common Uses for Seamless Rolled Rings

Seamless rolled rings play an important role in a wide range of industries. These rings are donut-shaped pieces of metal that can be used for things like gears and bearings. Not only can seamless rolled rings be manufactured to exact specifications for use where precision matters, but they’re also strong and durable. Because of this, they’re used in everything from the automotive industry to aircraft and spacecraft. Here are 6 of the most common uses for seamless rolled rings.

  1. Aviation

The aviation industry is built on precision. Every part in every aircraft has to be manufactured to exact specifications in order for the flight to go off without a hitch. Because seamless rolled rings can be manufactured to these precise specs, they’re commonplace in the aviation industry. You can find seamless rolled rings in many parts of aircraft, from the gearbox of a helicopter to the jet engine or turbine of a jet. These rings are used as gears and bearings, in addition to other small parts that are essential to aircraft operation.

Because jets, airplanes and helicopters fly so high, it’s crucial to prevent mechanical failure. The strength, durability and precision manufacturing of seamless rolled rings makes them a great choice for the aviation industry.

  1. Wind Power

Finding more sustainable sources of energy is a big priority right now, and one of the best ways to do that is to harness natural energy. Wind turbines are an excellent way to create energy without harming the environment, but they’re not easy to build. These wind turbines are made up of a lot of moving parts, which means little bearings and gears can’t fail at any point. The tower of the turbine also needs plenty of support to withstand the heavy winds that the turbine uses to create energy.

In the wind power industry, seamless rolled rings are commonly used for bearings inside wind turbines. These bearings put up with a lot of wear and tear when there’s heavy wind, so it’s important that they’re durable. Flanges are also an important part of the structural integrity of wind turbines; these flanges help connect separate parts of the tower to hold them together and create a stable structure.

  1. Power Generation

In addition to wind power, there are several other types of power generation that use seamless rolled rings. Nuclear power plants use forged disks and rolled rings in the machinery that allows them to generate power. Hydroelectric dams are also a common spot where seamless rolled rings are used, as these dams have moving parts that can’t break down as a result of exposure to water and wear and tear.

Power is something people need to live, so it’s important that any power generation equipment is designed to resist mechanical failure and last as long as possible. Seamless rolled rings not only offer better strength and durability than cast and welded parts, but they’re also lighter and can be used in a wide range of power generation equipment.

  1. Automotive

Perhaps the most common use for seamless rolled rings is in the automotive industry. When you consider how many parts of a car have a similar shape to these rolled rings, it’s easy to understand just how crucial they are to your vehicle. Rolled rings are used for bearings in cars, which have to be able to withstand a lot of heat and wear and tear. The resiliency that seamless rolled rings offer is particularly important for large trucks and other heavy vehicles that put extra wear and tear on parts.

Seamless rolled rings are also the building block for gears, which are essential to the operation of a vehicle. Gears are used to transfer power to the wheels and allow your vehicle to tackle tough inclines and maximize efficiency, and those gears are made from seamless rolled rings. Again, the durability of these rings is one of the biggest reasons they’re used for gears in automobiles.

  1. Aerospace

The aviation industry isn’t the only place where seamless rolled rings are used for flying. There are plenty of bearings, flanges, disks, and other parts involved in the building of rockets and other spacecraft. Just like aircraft, spacecraft manufacturing relies on the precision of each part to make sure everything works as intended. If one part is the wrong size or too heavy, it could throw off the operation of the entire spacecraft.

Aerospace manufacturers trust seamless rolled ring manufacturers like Cliffe Metal Products to manufacture the precise rolled rings they need. Whether it’s a forged disk or ring or a flange used for support, every part we manufacture is made to offer the best in strength and precision.

  1. Oil & Gas

From the discovery and drilling of oil to the processing and storage process, the oil and gas industry uses rolled rings for lots of stuff. Seamless rolled rings are used in manifolds, jacking systems, flanged, closures, drilling and production tools, valves, pumps, sand separators and more. The high-quality seamless rolled rings that Cliffe Metal Products manufactures are a critical part of the oil and gas industry.

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At Cliffe Metal Products, we know how important it is for every part to be precise whether you’re building an aircraft or an automobile. This is why we manufacture custom seamless rolled rings for use in several industries, each one made to exact specs and designed for durability. To find out more about the products we offer and how they can help you, contact Cliffe Metal Products today.

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