A Quick Guide to Serving Honey Wine at a Reunion

A Quick Guide to Serving Honey Wine at a Reunion

Are you hosting a fun reunion party? From buying the right snacks to choosing the alcohol, there is a lot to do! Of course, there is one wine that can suit everyone’s palate, the honey wine mead.

Mead is an exquisite yet simple blend of honey, water, and yeast fermented to perfection. You can find it in dry, wet, and various flavors. Of course, for the regular sud-enjoyers, mead might be a new concept. So how about taking your time to learn how to serve and introduce this golden elixir to your guests? Here’s how you can do it.

Create Some Intrigue

You might have some friends second-guessing the drink and ask for other options. Try to educate them on this splendid sip. Mead has a rich cultural heritage and has been a vintage choice among many.

While its blend sounds simple, its taste is out of this world, warming the hearts of all. Many are used to champagne and whiskeys are house parties. Therefore, by bringing this new drink to the crew, you can cut the formalities and have everyone’s curious eyes on what is in their glass.

Before Serving, Check the Drink’s Temperature

Is your reunion during the day or before the clock struck 12? Mead or honey wine is drinkable both as a chilled and a warm drink. It is perfect in all temperatures if you know how to store it well.

During the summers, guests prefer a chilled glass of wine as they beat the heat. And if it is a cold night, you might have some friends asking for something warm to shield yourself from the chill. Mead suits both occasions. For evening sessions, stock some fruity flavors as they taste best when chilled.

If you want to serve cold mead, try to store it between 12 degrees to 16 degrees Celsius for that nice, chilled sip. For a warm brew to soothe the throat, try to bring it between 50 degrees to 55 degrees Celsius.

Keep in mind that you should not warm the drink over 60 degrees Celsius. It then foams up and loses its flavors. If you are warming up for a large crowd, try with small amounts. Doing so helps retain a lot of flavors.

Serve it right

After popping a bottle, serve it fresh. For parties with alcohol, there are many steps before the gathering starts. You have set up the glasses, ensure you have sufficient coolers and the right environment to set the mood for the boozing.

For starters, make sure your glasses are colorless to enhance the rich golden tone of this mead. Up next, try to find tulip-shaped glassware so people can hold it better as they enjoy every sip. You can bring out whiskey glasses for those requesting some warm honey wine.

For chilled honey wine, serve about 125ml per person. If you are pouring out some warm wine, maybe a 50ml shot would be enough for starters.

Pair it Up With Some Food

You can go for an elegant charcuterie board as your centerpiece. Deck it up with spicy and sharp cheese. You can also place in some peppered salami, fresh crackers, fruits, and nuts. Pickles and jellies also enhance the experience of enjoying sips of the honey wine.

You can also prepare some sliders, sauteed veggies, kebabs, and other delicious finger foods to serve the guests.

Closing Thoughts 

All in all, enjoy the reunion, have fun with your friends, and try out this beautiful drink. You can even try out some sample kits from famous honey wine from an award-winning winery like Hidden Legend Winery to know the taste first hand and only leave room for a “sweet surprise” for your guests.

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