6 Helpful Strategy Tips for Scrabble Beginners

Some people see Scrabble as just a game, while others think of it as a stress-reliever or a way to flex their intellectual muscles. If you’re still a beginner, you have a lot to learn to master this game or at least know how to play effectively. Scrabble combines the best elements of language, tactics, and board game strategies. Whether you’re playing Scrabble the classic way, on the internet, or cards, the method is the same. You need to have a high score to win, yet that’s not always easy to achieve. Some tips and tricks can help you to succeed and score. On that note, read on to find out six helpful hacks to master your next game of Scrabble.

  1. Use Two- and Three-letter Words

Bigger is not always better, especially in Scrabble. It is a lot easier to form two-letter words and they can help you score high. Of, my, up, it, me, in, and to are some of the words you can use that boost your score if you use them to make multiple words in a single turn. If played properly, two- and three-letter words will increase your score up to 50 points a game. Once you master two-letter words, work on memorizing three-letter words and use them to your advantage. According to OSPD (Official Scrabble Players Dictionary), there is an abundance of words you can use that may actually sound gibberish to you. Words like biz, coz, pyx, and cwm can confuse your friends and help you win easily.

  2. Make Use of Letter “S”

Don’t waste the letter “s” in just one word. Be smart and use your “s” wisely. You can use it to pluralize already existing words while making a whole new one too. If you have one “s,” chances are you can get at least 10 points. Try to tack it at the end of two words at the same time. However, if you can only extend one word, choose one that has a big point letter at the end (J, Q, X, and Z.) If you’re unable to think of possible words with the tiles you have, use this tool as it shows you potential words from the Scrabble dictionary. There are only four “s” tiles, so hang on to your “s” to earn the highest score.

  3. Add Suffixes and Prefixes

Did you know that you can create an entirely new word by just adding “anti” at the beginning of a word or “ing” at the end of a word? This trick is so simple and easy to apply. You can choose from a variety of prefixes like un-, in-, and re- to add a new meaning to an existing word. The same applies to suffixes; simply add  -er, -ed, or -ing to almost any word on the board to make a completely new one.

  4. Find Hooks

With a single letter, you can change the whole meaning of a word. Think of words like “lush” and “layer.” Adding a “b” to the first will give you the word “blush,” while the second will turn into “player” after adding “p.” Stay focused on y, e, r, and d tiles as they can create a ton of different words. By adding one magical letter, you get all the points for your word plus those of the already existing one. You won’t get the points from bonus squares though as they can’t be used twice.

  5. Start with High-Value Tiles

Tiles with letters like Q, Z, X, and K can make it tricky to form words. They can also give you penalty points if you lose. That’s why you need to use these letters as soon as possible during the game to help you collect points and win. If you’re finding trouble forming a word with “Q,” try one of the 17 q-without-u words; qi, faqir, and qwerty are among some of them.

  6. Focus on Bonus Points

Using available bonus points, like a double letter, triple letter, double word, and triple word is the fastest way to get high scores. You should know that once you use them, they cannot be used again. If you cannot recall this rule, remember that if you can’t see it, you can’t use it.

6 Helpful Strategy Tips for Scrabble Beginners

If you’re a Scrabble expert, you probably know the above hacks. However, if you’re still a beginner who’s trying to master this game, you will benefit a great deal from the listed tips. The game may look intimidating at first, but once you know its rules and secrets, you will have a series of in-a-row wins. Remember that all Scrabble experts started as beginners, so never give up.

Written by George K.

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