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7 Tips To Take The Best Food Pictures For Social Media

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Are you guilty of taking pictures of your food before letting anybody touch it? High-five mate! We are all in the same boat. But are they really good? Looking for ways to improve your ‘gram game with the best food pictures? You’ve hit the right post. We are going to help you elevate your food pictures with 7 tips that will change your social media presence forever. 

Aesthetic food photos are everything but not everybody can click aesthetic pictures. Thanks to the pandemic we have been scrolling through food bloggers’ posts for hours, wondering how they click beautiful pictures. Leave it up to us to give some tips that you can follow to get amazing food pictures for your social media page. 

The focus should be on food 

Literally! We see many food pictures floating around in our galleries or on your friend’s profile that are off-focus or sit hidden behind other items on the table. While clicking aesthetic food pictures, keep in mind that the focus should be on food and all the paraphilia should be in the background. 

Try to keep your camera steady to avoid any blurry pictures. Many phones have ‘tap-to-focus feature that you can use. Tap on the subject and it will automatically set the focus. 

Photo Composition

Use the rule of thirds, this is a classic photo composition that always works. Place your subject (in this case, food) to the right or left of the image leaving two-third of the frame open. This creates a well-composed shot and it is aesthetically pleasing. 

Social media platforms support landscape and portrait pictures but mostly pictures are square. So think likewise before clicking a picture. 

Use Natural Light

Natural light in the day is the best for shooting food pictures. Find a natural light source while clicking pictures. Take the plate of food near a window, let natural sunlight fall on it. It will make for a gleaming picture. 

If the light is too harsh, consider concealing it with light breezy white curtains to cut down the light. You can even use a shadow box made of poster board that is white, place food in the center of the box. This will allow the light to bounce off the walls of the box onto the food and give the right amount of illumination. 

Change your Angle 

Many people use the same angles to click their food pictures making it extremely boring. Don’t be afraid of changing angles while shooting. Try different angles, stand up and click a picture from the top-angle or stoop down and get an eye-level shot. The top angle allows you to capture more things in one frame whereas one-sided shots are great for food items that have many visible layers. 

Changing angles give definition and depth to photos that make them more interesting and eye-catching. 

Keep the background neutral

This is a good trick to let the food do all the talking in your pictures. Neutral backgrounds will let the food pop out and get the deserved attention. Background can either make or break your food pictures. 

A background that is messy or even has too many colors will work as a distraction for your audience. It will take away all the attention from the food. A neutral background need not be absolutely plain, a little color that compliments the colors of the food works well too. Use a light background for dark-colored food and vice-a-versa. Another background that works well with food is brown or wooden background. Experiment with subtle patterns to make it more interesting. 

Use of Props 

Be bold and use props to enhance your pictures. Using props can create more dramatic and interesting pictures. Spices, flowers, cutlery, a book, or humans work as good props in food pictures. A child eating a melting ice cream looks more attractive than ice cream in a box. Props also add to creating stories through food. Add an open book next to a mug of coffee and immediately it sets the mood for taking a break. 

Edit Pictures

A camera does not always capture the real colors. You should edit your food pictures with the help of various color-correcting apps available. You can enhance and balance the colors through editing. 

Bright and vivid colors are always more attractive than dull muted tones, so choose wisely. 


Use these 7 tips to take the best food pictures for your social media apps and stand out from the crowd. Food pictures are fun to create with these tips and sure to get a lot of attention on social media. 

Written by Abhishek

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