Adorable cake designs for your child’s 5Th birthday party

Your child is going through the best phase of life. The childhood days! Aaah! In fact, when we were kids we used to enjoy every moment of life. We always lived in the present. Remember? Playing with mud, eating like no one is watching, especially cakes at the birthday parties, and more. Just like you, your child must be excited about his birthday party and especially for tasting the yummy birthday cake. So, make sure you buy the cake of your kid’s choice. After all, it’s his/her birthday. We know choosing a birthday cake is a tiresome task, especially when the cake industry is touching the heights. But don’t worry! Here we bring some awesome cake ideas for your child turning five, just go through them and pick the best one.

1. Cute Minion Cake:

Minion has gained a lot of popularity among kids in the recent past. The one-eyed character is outrageously funny and super adorable. It looks even more amazing when captured on the cake. So, what could be the better choice of cake than the charming Minion on your child’s 5th birthday? The cake is a perfect example of the creativity, hard work, and dedication that makes it a brilliant one. The cake is blended with fondant, mixed with the yellow edible colour, well moulded to look like a Minion. Your child would truly love this mouth-watering delight and would fill the celebration with a lot of laughter and giggles.

2. Star Cake:

Kids mostly get fascinated with stars. So, a Star Cake would definitely be the best choice to gift on his/her 5th birthday. They will simply fall in love with your choice and so will their friends. This delightful cake is high in demand and utterly delicious too. So, let this delightful cake be part of your child’s 5th birthday party and let the celebration soar high.

3. Number 5 Cake:

If your sweet little boy or girl is turning 5, this cake can bring the ultimate smile to his/her face. We are pretty sure that this digit cake would adore the moment and add more enjoyment to the celebration. So what are you waiting for? Order cake online in Bangalore from a reputed site & adore your child’s charming face on having this beautiful delight.

4. Tom Cat Cake:

Ahhhh the Tom Cat Cake! Your child will definitely hoot upon seeing this amazing looking cake on his/her 5th birthday. It looks so stunning that it would steal your kid’s heart at one glimpse. The Tom Cat cake will boost the birthday party with loads of excitement and happiness. It tastes so tasty that it would satiate everyone’s taste buds that have come to attend the party. Don’t think twice; just go for this lush cake. It’s an awesome blend of taste, creativity, and some sprinkle of happiness.

5. Jungle Safari Cake:

If your kid is fond of pets & other animals, then the Jungle Safari theme cake is the best choice. Each bite of this cake will transcend you to the heaven of fabulous delight. Nothing can refuel your kid’s 5th birthday than the lustrous Jungle theme based cake. It is baked using top quality ingredients bringing an ultimate taste to it. Order it online and receive it with no hassles.

6. Rainbow and Sprinkle Cake:

Rainbow and Sprinkle Cake is another best choice for your kid’s 5th birthday party. Enveloped in layers of bright white frosting and coated with rainbow sprinkles, this silky smooth cake is the best choice to delight your kid on their big day. It’s not only beautiful by it’s look but immensely yummy by taste too.

Birthday is the most awaited day and celebrated, that makes a kid feel more special than ever before. So make it bigger by arranging the most unique and scrumptious cake at your child’s 5th birthday party.

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