Everything you should know about anti-theft backpacks for travelling

Are you planning to travel abroad and are worried about theft? This is a significant concern that most travellers have. When you are bringing along some items with you, you need to think about how to stay safe when travelling. You should consider purchasing an anti-theft backpack for your trip.

This is different from the regular backpack since it comes with some extra features to boost security. As you choose a backpack for your next expedition, you need to look out for some features that we will highlight below. Through our discussion, you can also learn why you need to invest in an anti-theft backpack during travelling. Enjoy!

What makes an anti-theft backpack different from the regular backpack?

Whether you have been a victim of a robbery before or not, focusing on secure travelling should not be an option. Though there are a lot of regular backpacks that are sold to travellers, an anti-theft one can give you excellent security. This is because it contains the following features.

  • Secret pocket

Having a backpack that has a hidden zipper gives you the freedom to hide some of your belongings more safely. For instance, your wallet and passport should be out of site when travelling and secret pockets are the most suitable for hiding such. This can make it hard for a pickpocket to discover the feature and get away with your items. Since most of the opportunistic thieves often find easy targets, secret pockets prevent you from being a victim of theft.

  • Locking zippers

Having a backpack that has locking zippers also enables you to boost security as you travel. This is because you are the only one that knows the lock numbers on your zipper tabs. Locking zippers give you access to all your belongings while at the same time denying everyone else this access. A thief can find it impossible to open the backpack. The presence of a lock mechanism also prevents you from incurring more since you will not have to buy an additional luggage lock to secure your belongings.

Water resistance

While planning for a trip, most people forget to check things such as the weather. Having an anti-theft backpack that is water-resistant can prevent your items from things such as humidity rain or snow. Finding one that has a rain cover can ensure that your documents do not get damaged in severe weather conditions.

  • Slash proof fabric

One of the things that makes anti-theft backpacks different from the regular bags is the fabric used to make them. Such backpacks are designed using a unique fabric that hinders a thief from slashing the material and getting away with your items. If you are a frequent traveller, you need to ensure that you choose a backpack made from slash-proof fabric to enhance travel security. The material also enhances the durability of such bags. You can use the same anti-theft backpack for years without the need to replace it.

Sturdy zippers

Anti-theft backpacks also feature some sturdy zippers which make them safe to carry. This zipper cannot be quickly opened, thus giving your belongings a high level of protection against theft.

  • Special features

Advanced models also come with distinctive features which you might like. For instance, some of the anti-theft backpacks contain a USB port that gives you the chance to connect your mobile device to a power bank located inside the bag.

You can also get one that features some small cold pockets to keep liquids such as juices and water cold. If you are exploring a place that experiences extreme heat, such special features might come in handy. Anti-theft backpacks also feature a metal wire lock that enables you to secure it against a pole. With this, you don’t have to keep on carrying the backpack on your lap or back.

Why should you choose an anti-theft backpack?

Backpacks are different, and being keen on your selection can help you get one that is safe to use as you transit from one destination to the other. Though an anti-theft backpack may cost you more compared to a regular type, it can protect your belongings better than one that has standard features. Choosing an anti-theft backpack enables you to enjoy the following.

  • Comfort

Most of the anti-theft backpacks have extra padding on areas such as your back or shoulders. This makes it possible for you to carry the bag for long without experiencing discomfort. The material used to make the bag also gives your back a chance to breathe and prevents it from excessive sweating during long trips.

  • Security

As the name suggests, these backpacks enhance security in different ways. For instance, some of them make use of RFID blocking technology. This prevents an intruder from stealing your cash electronically from your cards. They also contain all the safety features we have mentioned above. Choosing an anti-theft backpack for your next vacation can, therefore, give you peace of mind.

  • Pocket arrangement

You will also like the pocket arrangement of anti-theft backpacks. Before you purchase such a backpack, you should confirm that the pocket sizes are ideal for securing your belongings. Most of the anti-theft backpacks often have some individual compartments for different electronic devices such as a laptop or camera. Packing such items separately from everything else can also boost safety while travelling.


Most customers also love the design of anti-theft backpacks. They are meant to be lightweight so that you don’t experience excessive fatigue as you carry your bag for hours. Ensure you choose one that features a medium dimension to reduce discomfort while carrying the bag on your back. A good backpack should also include some straps that allow you to secure it around your waist. These make the bag more portable.


Though travellers often use regular backpacks, they are not the safest to travel with. From this guide on travel security, you can learn the importance of choosing an anti-theft backpack. They often contain features that make them more secure and are also comfortable to carry.

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