Do Your Grand Parents Face Difficulty in Wearing Clothes? List Down the Clothing Options For Them

We all know that age brings wisdom. But, the sad part of aging is that it also brings several illnesses and disabilities. It is not uncommon to see aged people battle with diabetes, high blood pressure, arthritis, fractures, and other ailments. These conditions make our elderly vulnerable. There is a loss of mobility, as well. From a psychological angle, our elderly also struggle with a lack of independence and hence, self-esteem issues affect their dignity. Most of our elders would like to be independent in their old age, but their physical conditions make them dependent on their caregivers.

This lack of morale can be somehow mitigated by choosing the right clothing for our elderly. Please read this article to know more on this subject. Here, we are talking about adaptive clothing for the elders. Adaptive clothing comprises apparel and footwear that can be adapted to suit the needs of the elderly. This kind of clothing takes care of the individual needs of all those who have restricted mobility and recovering from surgery. If you have grandparents around, you can pick some of these pieces of clothing for them.

1. Elastic Waist Pants

Your grandparent doesn’t need any button-fitted jeans or trousers anymore. He can make do with pants and trousers that have elastic in the waist area. Such apparels can be quickly taken off or put on, and you don’t need to zip yourself up. You can get this kind of pants from various merchant websites and to know more about it you can click here. Please exercise caution while ordering this apparel for your elderly; the tight elastic might injure the waist area, and leave deep scars. These cars may turn into sores. Tip; the elastic must not be too tight.

2. Easy to wear T-shirts

T-shirts are the eternal favourites of your grand-parents. These can be worn easily, and you don’t have to worry about buttoning or zipping up. Please ensure that your grandparent has the right T-shirt for him or her. Some fabrics may not be skin-friendly and cause itching.

3. Magnetic Closure Shirts

These shirts use magnets for buttoning up. Unlike Velcro shirts, these don’t gather lint and can be easily maintained. In these shirts, you have magnets placed behind the buttons; the latter are there just for appearance purposes. Magnetic closure shirts can be opened or closed very easily. Elderly who use pacemakers should avoid this kind of shirt.

4. Adaptive Shoes

If you have seniors who are battling edema or bunions, please gift them adaptive shoes. These can be easily worn, and one doesn’t have to battle with shoelaces. Adaptive shoes come with Velcro and are now available in several great designs. Many footwear brands have adaptive shoes, and these come at great prices too.

5. Rear Closure Tops

This adaptive clothing is meant for people confined to wheelchairs and beds. These people are too weak to put on their regular clothes themselves. By simply raising their hands and rolling over to one side, seniors can put on these rear closure tops. The best part of this apparel is that it is made of skin-friendly materials.

6. Velcro Closure Shirts

A lot many seniors can’t button their shirts, so for them, you can arrange for Velcro closure shirts. Easy to strap on or off, these shirts are made of skin-friendly fabric. Easy wear clothing has many advantages. Since these clothes look like regular apparel, putting them on makes the person very much a part of the crowd. He doesn’t feel out of place, and this foments a sense of dignity. Secondly, these clothes make one feel independent. Easy to wear clothes can be put on or taken off easily.

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