Best tips to increase your Facebook Followers and likes

The number of users on Facebook has now grown to more than 2.5 billion. More than 1.5 billion of them visit the platform daily. Every business, small or large is trying to get more and more Facebook followers and likes. But with so much competition, it can be challenging to attract new followers to your page. So you may try to buy Facebook followers cheap to get increased follower count. 

There are several ways to get Facebook followers that will help you to get more likes on your Facebook page. The best way is to buy facebook page likes so you can quickly gain populartiy.

1. Send invitations to people to like your page

The simplest way to get more followers on Facebook is by inviting them to like your page. Try to have a small, targeted audience that is more likely to get converted into followers when they see your content. Try to send a controlled number of invites at a time otherwise, you could get banned temporarily.

2. Add a Facebook Like Popup

You can add a popup on your website to ask for a like for your Facebook page. Popups can be annoying for some people so try to keep your popup simple that just asks for a like and goes away if denied once. You can show the popup when your website loads or when the user tries to exit depending upon you.

3. Use Automation tools to boost your posts

Automation tools are extremely important in digital marketing. You need to have these tools set up as some days can be extremely busy and you won’t get time to post on Facebook and your engagement numbers will drop. So, schedule some posts whenever you get some free time. The more you post, the more chances of you getting Facebook followers.

4. Use Facebook Like widget

You must have seen a small button like widget on different websites which are used to like that website’s page. It even shows who among your friends like this page already which gives people a belief that your brand is popular, and they were left behind that they didn’t know about it.

5. Invite people in your email list

If you have an existing email list of customers or followers with you, you can directly send them an email asking for a like to your Facebook page. You can make the email as attractive as you can to make sure if they see the email they do like the page for sure. Invite your followers from other social media too to come like your Facebook page telling them you have some exclusive content that you post on Facebook only.

6. Give coupons or offers for liking your page

If this is possible for you, this could give a serious boost in increasing the number of followers and likes on your page. You could give your customers some sort of discount which they can get if they like your Facebook page and which they will be able to use on your website for your products. BuyTrueFollowers give 10% coupon code insta10 so you can buy facebook followers at reasonable rate.


These are some tips that you can use to get a step ahead of your competition and increase your Facebook followers and likes which will lead to more sales. Apart from these tips, you can always use Facebook Ads and Influencer Marketing if you want. But most importantly, remember to be a good Facebook citizen and focus on quality content which resonates with the audience.

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