Black Dad Puts Racist Baby Mama On Blast After He Takes Their Biracial Daughter To Get Braids


A father’s loving gesture has gone viral after the mother’s outrageous reaction.

Black dad Nick Harris shared screenshots of a racist text conversation with his baby’s mother, who happens to be white.

Harris had taken their young daughter to get her hair cornrowed – something that a lot of black and mixed race kids do on a regular basis.

The mother, identified only as “Babymom,” responded by using racist language in the texts.

She told her baby daddy that she did not want her daughter to have an “ugly black hairstyle.”

Black Dad Puts Racist Baby Mama On Blast After He Takes Their Biracial Daughter To Get Braids

The screenshots from Harris’s baby momma are pretty disgusting and she seems to be unaware that her daughter is in fact biracial – and that she slept with a black man to make her.

Throughout the back and forth Nick seems to stay totally calm, despite the verbal abuse she hurls at him.

“She looks black and she’s not!” writes the mother.

Black Dad Puts Racist Baby Mama On Blast After He Takes Their Biracial Daughter To Get Braids

Nick made the simple, solid point that his daughter is biracial and her mother should be able to love all of her.

“It’s crazy that you can’t accept the ‘black’ half of our child,” he wrote.

“She’s not more white or more black. She’s mixed, a beautiful mixed baby whose hair looks great in many different styles.”

Black Dad Puts Racist Baby Mama On Blast After He Takes Their Biracial Daughter To Get Braids

The conversation unfortunately continues, with the mother arguing that the hairdresser probably “hurt her baby.”

She threatens to slap Harris, calls him a “f**kin idiot,” and says that she would prefer her daughter’s hair in a “French braid.”

Black Dad Puts Racist Baby Mama On Blast After He Takes Their Biracial Daughter To Get Braids

“It truly amazes me that you hate half your daughter,” writes Nick.

Me too. Wow. I hope that now this post has gone viral this racist mom can be shamed into seeking educating herself – if not for her sake but for her young daughter. 


Written by Christine Haveford

Christine loves all things cinema, and she's been that way ever since she was a little girl. In fact, she is so passionate about cinema that she decided to pursue cinematography as a full-time career, and is now pursuing film studies at the New York Film School. Originally from Florida, she is still exploring the new city, people, places, and the culture, loves the new weather, going ice skating during winters, and spending time with her fellow classmates and friends from college.

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  1. He needs to get full custody……that racist Who doesn’t need to raises child. That poor baby girl would be better of with her daddy.


    • I’m black and those braids hurt and she’s not a racist, he posted a private conversation he’s the one full of it! Sad you laid down with her willing you didn’t think she was racist then!

        • You sound real simple… a mother has a right to have a preference about her child’s appearance, however, it’s clear that this baby momma dated, had sex, and ended up having a baby with this man out of rebellion from her parents who are probably racist too. Racism is a learned behavior. Braids do NOT hurt, and if she didn’t like it that’s all she had to say not make stupid ass comments and put the child down. Poor baby will probaby grow up with self-esteem issues but her mother is too stupid to love her for who she is. I agree with some of the other comments, the father does need to get full custody and should use this conversation as evidence that she is unfit for this child.

          • You know what pisses me off is that people think someone is an unfit mother cause she doesn’t like the braids. Its not like she abused the child so why tf should the dad get fu cusody? The dad is, what seems to be immature. Posting private convos all over the internet. Really? The dad can have his option and so can the mom. I don’t see how either one is unfit and i don’t see how she was being racist. I also don’t see how the child will grow up to have low self esteem. Its fucking braids. I guess nowadays if you ain’t perfect then youran unfit parent. I also would lime to add, the judge will litterally laugh in that guys face if he brought this to the attention of the court. There is nothing wrong with this shit. Also just cause she doesn’t wanna embrace the childs blackness doesn’t make her racist. You guys really need to stop being so judgemental. This is whats wrong with this world. Also imma let you know right now. Yes i’m white, no i ain’t racist. So don’t even calling me racist. Thanks. 🙂

          • This comment was actually for Emily, any mother who cannot embrac her child, be the child black, white or mixed is UNFIT! How can she lovingly be objective to her child when she can embrace the fact that dad took her to get her hair done. Whether mom liked it or not wasn’t the issue it was the labeling of the hair, that was racist. Her daughter looks beautiful and her dad did a great thing since it can be difficult for some men to do a little girl’s hair.

            I am proud of this dad, he took the time to make his daughter look presentable not allow her to look like a mess (as he indicated the mother did).

            Parents need to understand that it no longer should be about you, it’s about your child. You laid down and made her, now be proud of her and make her look like the princess she should look like…dad didn’t,

      • Sean, I’m not black, and she’s obviously a racist. She’s not only concerned about the braids being hurt but she clearly says she doesn’t like her being black and denies her blackness even though she’s a half black. And also calls a black style ugly. It’s hard for me to believe that you’re actually a black when you can’t see the racism in obviously racist statements she made. It wasn’t even subtle. Racism’s plain and clear. It’s most likely you’re a racist yourself and trolling on the web.

      • You dumb as hell. He probably didn’t know she was a racist until she had the baby. How could you read all that she said about her mixed child and turn around and speak ignorantly.

      • Maybe the person that did your hair hurt you on purpose because of the ass you are, she is a racist and you are a fool, what if you was having this conversation with the mother of your child would you feel that way.

      • U dumbass how would that hurt? u don’t have such tight on a kid… the bitch is racist full of it. She beautiful kid

      • You meant she laid down with him he embraced both black and whiteof his child but the mother did not so she is a Racist. Most white girls want a baby with a black man kust to say they have a biracial child but nine times out of 10 they go back white men and not all white girls do it.

      • if that were the reason she provided maybe that’d be a good point, but she said that she doesn’t want to embrace her child’s blackness and that she wants her hair to look white. she’s definitely racist

      • What kind of stupidity are you chatting. As a black person you should’ve known that she being racist do u need glasses to see that.
        Private convo or not she was being disrespectful. If he never posted it you couldn’t comment on it shut your stupid ass up……

      • Sean you sound like a ‘self-hater’ like Clarence Thomas and Sheriff David Clark. Getting braids doesn’t always hurt. It depends on the stylist. Plus grade of hair and length can mitigate pain during braiding for many stylists. And, SHE IS A RACIST. No one who has a conversation like this can deny being racist. Why are caping ??? There are many white people no one thought were racist until Trump got elected… You are quite foolish…

      • She laid down with him also I wonder if she told his mom or any family member with braids that she didn’t like them. All she wanted was that black D now she aint getting it she has a problem with.her child’s father over anything he could’ve gave the baby some candy and she would’ve had something to say just to argue miserable ass bitch and race has nothing to do with this

      • I agree. What it sounds like to me is that she is bitter about the breakup. She’s no longer with the man and is trying to hurt him by taking jabs at him. It would not hurt the beautiful little girls self esteem if dad didn’t post it on the internet. I’m not saying anything she said is right, but this is the true example of putting the child in the middle. Don’t use your child to get back and one another.

      • You know he was well aware he was going to post this online and did his best to egg her on while presenting himself as 100% a good parent. Those braids do hurt and it really does look like shit. Nothing racial about it, she just looks like a hot wheels track.

    • I agree the last time I saw a parent be this muck against her child that was mixed the child was killed by the parent.

  2. Why some blacks breed with these white dev!ls. This bitch only want herself mulatto baby (some white women crave them).

        • It’s okay for her not to want her daughters hair in that style. However, it’s NOT okay to fight with her father about it and make a bigger deal out of it. She would simply need to say, “cute!” Even if she didn’t mean it. Help your daughter out by keeping a healthy coparent relationship with her father. Than take the braids out when she gets home. That’s what I would do.

          • No. The issue is her reasoning behind wanting the style out. Cornrows and braids are a part of African American culture. Her child is half African American. Her African American dad is, rightfully, imparting that culture onto her. If her mom can do her hair in the hairstyles she likes, then so can he. Her mother should be encouraging her child being introduced to both sides of her. Not condemning one as “too black” or denying its existence at all.

          • kId isnt too young to ASK what she thinks and whether she likes it, it’s got to be more carefree for her. Ask the child how much she likes it, and let her keep it without influencing her answer.

      • The lineage is always the father period, you are your father, so with that said the mom can raise her how ever she wants but at the end she’ll see who her daughter is, and it won’t be Caucasian, she is what her father is, stop having babies by heathens

        • The lineage is always the father? According to what? 1830? You need to go back to school and learn how DNA works.

        • It’s in the bible I understand it. Most people never read the book.Your race is always from the man just like the Earth. You can plant an apple seed in the earth it will not come out half earth half apple tree. The woman egg is like the earth it nurtures the seed. Just like a woman body do with sperm. The only thing moving with life is the sperm the sperm even dictates the sex. That’s why its being pushed everywhere even tv white men with black women cause it changes the race of the baby to white. But it goes above many people heads. They still believe people came from monkeys when theirs no proof at all.

          • Shell, this is NOT true. Genetics do not work that way. An example of a White father and Black mother is Lenny Kravitz’s parents. Lenny is not white looking at all, but that doesn’t even matter. Nothing “changes” the race. If a baby is born from two races, it is a mixed race baby. It doesn’t matter if the baby looks all white, black or mixed.The baby is a mixed race baby. It doesn’t matter what parent is what race. The gender of the parent does not determine the race of the baby.

    • your just another racist next to this woman people like you and her is why this shit is still happening. i got to gawjus mixrace boys they aint black they aint white they are mixed im defo no white devil tf outter here with that chat

    • That’s as sad a statement as the awful mother stated. I had no more choice over the amount of melanin I was born with than did you. I’m one of those white devils (as you would call me) who has 7 children. 2 by birth. 5 by choice. My children are white, black, bi-racial (or in your own words “mulatto”), Mexican and Eskimo. I love my family and I’m very proud. And, btw, I can braid hair just as well as any African American woman! Just ask my daughters!

      • Lisa Porter I was in your amen corner and you went way left with and I can braid just as well as any AA women what prompted that.

        • I’m sorry if that comment offended you somehow. My kids were always proud that their mom could braid and their friends were always amazed that their mom was not African American. I loved doing their hair! It was, in part about beauty. But it gave us invaluable amounts of time to talk one on one.

    • My thing is if you want to be with a different race, and have a mixed child with him/her, then you have to accept and love EVERY HALF OF THE CHILD! She makes me sick. She should’ve thought that through if she didn’t want a half black child, acting like that, now she act like she don’t love her own child, mixed child. Wow.

    • Wuhwuhwuhwait… What??? You’re arguing the white woman is racist and you disagree with that, so you follow up with none other then racist comments about her?? Problack Man, you sir, are a hypocrite and a piece of shit.

    • from one black man to another, it saddens me that you learned absolutely nothing from this story. I hope you don’t end up as ignorant as her……SIKE too late.

    • Since when we’re white people considered the devil? Dude, you seriously need some white friends. that way you’ll actually know how white people truly are. It’s funny how racist people don’t even have friends of the other race but know so much about them

    • Its beyond me. I wouldn’t breed with a white man to save the human race, f it, the world would just have to end before i do something like that…..just ain’t natural.

  3. What a hateful woman!! That child would be better off w/her daddy…at least HE accepts & loves her unconditionally. I think that hairstyle is adorable! If she can’t accept that her daughter is biracial, then she doesn’t deserve to have custody. Saying that she never should’ve had a kid with him is down right cold & evil. Makes me wonder how she treats her daughter. I hope Nick fights her for custody & wins…that sweet li’l girl needs to be in a nurturing & loving environment, NOT one filled with hate & ignorance!

  4. Let this be a lesson to all you black men that run out and get you a white girl. Just because they like black dick don’t mean they can’t still be racist… Smh. I could never take that chance, that’s why I stick with my black QUEENS !!!

        • It’s not about all white people being Like That, it is about the mom of a BI – RACIAL Child. This child is going to have So many problems. My daughter looks white and I am African American. She sees herself as mixed and embraces both worlds. It’s called confidence and knowing who you are.

          What the mom needs to realize is the man’s blood makes the child black in societies standards and trust me when I say society will let her know who she is.

          Also, because of his genes this girl could marry an American and have a Darker skinned child. I have seen it happen.

          So deny now, or embrace now.

          • “Could marry herself an american”????

            Thee aren’t white black and brown americans?

            What does this even mean?

        • Literally not the point. Stop with that #notallwhitewomen/#notallwhitepeople nonsense. Not everything is about you personally.

        • He never claimed all white women are like that. Triggered much. My feminine lily-white ass sure isn’t.

          Racism perpetuates these imbalanced views of attraction. For this “mother”, I’ll bet anything that her environment molded her views, but she slept with a black man who was the “forbidden fruit”.

          People everywhere are fucked up and hurt people hurt people. She’s hurt and ignorant and that makes her a danger to herself, her progeny and the world at large.

        • @maddie, I feel like you missed an important point. He isn’t taking that chance. It’s like when you go out yourself and you don’t let your drink out of your site because someone might slip something into it – not all men are like that but the risk is a terrible one. You can’t boil everything down to you. If you’re not racist great, but he’s the one who gets to decide whether racist white women is his problem or theirs, and he’s clearly made his choice which he can be applauded for. It’s no ones job to take on the risk that someone is bigoted, especially not when that bigotry affects children.

          • What if she seduced him,your example is irrelevant, she also has a say…mostly women have a say in what they do…unless he raped her which in turn would be a different story all together, if a guy approaches a lady…she has the right to say no…if she does,he won’t force her,if she despises african men then why lay with one…she doesn’t know what she wants in life…simple…if she didn’t want the kid and being with a black guy was mistake,she should have told the guy to use a condom or get her a morning after pill if it were in the heat of the moment or better yet still abort….she needs to grow up and such insensitive remarks need to stop,we are all one,everyone is beautiful, if she ever wrote a letter to her parents saying she wanted to be white…may she cast the first stone upon her daughter…

      • Much respect alexander pate jr im glad its still some blackmen out here just like you im not racist but i love my black race especially the black kings

      • not all of us white girls are like that im marred to a mix man and have a pretty mix 2 year old im mix with German and Irish and my man is mix with black white and apache indians

    • That’s just not true. You’re using 1 example to paint all white folks. If I’m not mistaken we black folks hate it when it happens to us.

    • Ya’ll pathetic. Real shit. This nigga said “dont mean they can’t still be racist….Smh.” then goes on to talk about how he only “sticks with his black queens.” My nigga you’re a joke. You about as racist as this bitch arguing with this nigga. Contradicting ass. Let this be a lesson to all you stupid ass niggas. (YES, WHITE PEOPLE TOO.) If you gon bitch about someone being racist don’t end your sentence/argument with THAT’S WHY I ONLY STICK WITH THIS RACE… cause you honestly sound dumb as shit.

    • Kudos Alexander Pate, Jr! I always say when you know “self” your history, biological, social factors (ie cultural assimilation)etc. you don’t fall pray to conflict as shown in the delimma. Take it a step further and discover there are some untreatable medical conditions because of a patient biological makeup. (ie bone marrow transplant). Nonetheless, a white woman can’t raise black kids. She can only raise kids.

  5. I also hope that the father gets full custody of his little girl cause the little girl’s mother doesn’t deserve her in her life

  6. First of all, I’m willing to bet this is not her first time saying racist things to him. She seemed very comfortable telling him how she feels. My question is why is he did he decide to share her texts now? I’m sure they’ve had much worst racial discussions. What a weak azz dude!! Shes’s only saying what’s comfortable between the two of them.

    • Maybe because this is the first time she’s said racial things in regards to their daughter. It’s not solely about exposing her as a racist, but more so that this conversation went to wrong and it was in regards to their daughter’s hair. She clearly doesn’t want her daughter to be black hence the things she said. I’m pretty sure that this was the first time this conversation ever came up, because if it’s happened before there would be no surprise in her response and he wouldn’t have expected a nice response. And now that I think about it, he expected her to compliment it so regardless of how easy she had shown how racist she is, I doubt they’ve had worst conversations.

    • Why doesn’t matter when and how long it took him to let the texts be seen. The point is she’s clearly judging her ownself because she laid with the man from jump. And your daughter is the result of an interracial involvement

    • So basically you saying it’s not a problem ? Lmao , has nothing to do with the parents, it’s the CHILD! You dummy , that child is gonna grow up & hate her damn mother know that her mom doesn’t allow her to embrace her own culture , she’s gonna feel like her mom hates her , or better yet her mom is gonna coach her to love herself as a white woman , & not a mixed ! Fuck the msgs, or if she said racist remarks. It’s about that child

    • Maybe he put up with it to keep the peace but is fed up. Im sure that attitude contributed to their separation. Maybe he’s setting himself up for the custody battle by showing BM true colors. Who knows either way the only stupid, wrong person here is mom. As if being biracial isnt hard enough mom is making sure the kid will have serious identity and self esteem issues. Sad…

    • How does that say he’s a “weak azz dude”. He didn’t have to share those messages because it’s his business. Don’t make him weak at all.

  7. It does look cute because my son has em done to I like it aswell not sure what’s her problem my son half and half aswell if u didn’t want a mixed race baby should not have had sex with Blackman lol

  8. I don’t feel bad for him not one little bit. That’s good for him. Now he wants to expose her. All he did was expose himself. She had to have shown signs of being a racist when they were dating but he wouldn’t care. He was probably just happy he had a white girl. The grass isn’t always greener on the other side. Now that his dumb ass has a baby by that racist, he needs to consult her before her before letting people do the child’s hair.

    • LOL you have no idea what happened in their lives, Einstein. You have no idea what circumstances lead to this situation, besides two people having sex and one of them giving birth. Besides that, you’re just filling the blanks

  9. Lmao.. Racist no, want a mixed baby no.. Imma tell you what her problem is. She is just a crappy person. Its has nothing to do with race… I mean it does but not the way yall talking. The ” woman” and i use this term loosely, used race to make the guy mad. He clearly stakes that his daughter comes to him looking like a hot mess , comes looking like a turkey [his words]. But you can read the anger and hate she has for the man. So its not about race but butt hurtation, and pettiness. She just wont grow up.. NOW for the rest of the people throwing out white devils and nigger….WTF is wrong with you. How can we fix problems when people like you wont and refuse to care about eachother. What makes it worse its always whites and blacks never an asian saying down with the honkies or hear a hispanic say black power.. Like seriously yall only hate because thats all you know and dont wanna know anything else. IM biracial, my son is biracial and my sons mother german/ cejclosevacian [white] do i hate her no.. She hate me no. Why because we celebrate other cultures, we try to learn about different people..blacks, whites, asians, pygmy idc imma learn about someone and embrace everyone. Why because my kid can get shot.. Yall kid can get shot bullets dont care about race.. Blood on the floor whose blood… Um.. Um yea right there ya cant tell if its white blood black blood brown. We all need to stop.. We all need to grow up and we all need to come together to make this world more affordable.. Make the world back in abundance of food, vegetation, animals ect for our kids. All i hear but mike bro, it dont work that way, or Im not doin shit for whitey, or fuck them niggeras i aint blah blah blah see shit like that halts progress, shit like that started wars, divided this country like that for years. 100 of years.. Thousands.. Hell 900 ad they were killing people for not being Catholics wasnt about black or white but about religion and dividing people then. So simply just stop and think better do better and be better not by dividing but by comming together and know. YES some people wont change and YES ya cant turn everyone but fuck make and effort. Be the BIGGER PERSON and let it go.

    • Very well said, I couldn’t agree more. Like for me, I’m a black female, and I do see and witness a lot of discrimination against my race and the other way around, and just as much as I hate discrimination from white people towards black people, it’s worst when its the other way around (black people discriminating white people). And it never stops, because so many people just love acting petty and act like they’re big and bad like they’re so perfect and better than the others, when they really ain’t shit, acting like that. I’m a student, and I see adults and grown ups acting like CHILDREN. It’s upsetting. So, I agree, people need to grow up or nothing better will happen.

    • You are so right Mike. Thank you for posting. If more thought like you we would all be better off. Thank you. We need to work together and love the babies, they haven’t done anything to be hurt.

    • So much yes to this post. Why are we still having the same damn wars and arguments thousands of years later, when we are supposedly so much more advanced?? All we can do is raise our children to be better, so the next generations can finally break the cycle, as these antiquated ideals slowly die out.

  10. when she found out she was having a baby with, what did she expect would pop out after 9 months? A unicorn?

  11. It’s crazy cause I’m in a similar situation, when I met my husband he has a white girl pregnant who already had 8 other biracial kids, after she had the baby she didn’t really care to keep him so I took him in and raised him as my own since he was three months. After a couple of years him knowing me as his mother, she became jealous of the fact he called me mama, si she came and took him away from me saying ” he’s white and we need to go have some monkey babies of our own”. We are now fighting for custody but it hurts, I haven’t seen my son in almost 6 months, he will be 5 in October. This has to stop somewhere, cause you’re not just hurting the ones that care for the child but also hurting the child.

    • So I’m assuming you did not adopt this child legally? Unfortunately, she has all the power if you did not 🙁

    • That is such a shitty situation. I’m so sorry your son’s birth mother is acting that way and putting you through so much stress. I hope in the end, you get custody and he is raised with love and respect for all.

  12. Seems he got what he deserves. Racist people say dumb racist stuff all of the time. He chose to overlook them and procreate anyway. Dummy. He thought the grass was greener on the other side. WELP!

  13. I did not have a bi-racial child but I had the same sort of issue with my daughters mother. Most likely it is costing dad to get her hair done. All he needs to do is tell the judge that she is taking her hair out and the judge will put a stop to that nonsense. It is #petty but we had to put the most minor of details in the visitation and custody agreements.

  14. What? Everyone knows black kids have different hair that white kids. Yes…. even the mixed ones. The braids are a lot better for her hair than other options. I’m white, but have a mixed niece, and it drives me nuts when I see her with nappy hair. If you are going to have sex with a black man/woman, you better take some classes on how to do black hair so it looks good, or pay someone to do it for you. Mixed people are beautiful, but all that beautiful hair they are blessed with needs to be taken care of.

    • Mary do you have caucasian nieces if so what do you call their hair tangled or nappy? If you say tangled then there is a problem because either both your biracial n caucasian nieces hair is tangled or nappy because it’s the same thing one is just used as an insult and I can tell by the way you spoke of your biracial niece you didn’t mean it as an insult. Blessings on you

      • You are overthinking this WHOLE comment. Both of my sons are bi-racial. One has a NAPPY spot on the back of his head and the rest of his hair is hella curly and tangled up. NAPPY to me aint about racial suggestion, its just a more tangled up spot that is harder to deal with. Why does it always gotta be a racial thing?

        • Nappy was originally meant as a form of insult. Just because you don’t agree it’s insulting to some other people doesn’t mean it’s not actually insulting. Aldo, just because you try to make it a non insulting term doesn’t mean it never originally was. No need to get angry. Just understand that there is a difference and why it is a difference. Have a good day.

  15. he’s do you get someone with a deep hatred of your kind pregnant?? He deserves all the stress she sends his way..I bet he was the type to put white woman on a pedestal and down sistahs….GOOD FOR HIM! only one to feel sorry for is the little girl…smdh

  16. Well he chose her to make a baby with so now that’s what he has to deal with. Good enough for His ass stop going outside of your race especially with the race that has been known to hate you from the beginning of time dumb ass!!! Sorry for the baby though, she has two dumb ass parents!!!

  17. The father really should seek to get full custody of his daughter. I can’t even bring myself to call her the ‘mother’, so she will not raise this beautiful child properly, will not allow the child to embrace both cultures. she will teach the child to believe she is ‘white’ and not biracial and she certainly will not be teaching her anything about her black culture which is detriment in the child’s development. Please daddy, seek custody before your daughter falls prey to racists, beginning at home, before she is ridiculed and taunted because of her skin colour as she will not be aware that she’s biracial cause let’s be assured that this woman will not be looking for her to be involved in a school that is diverse in different cultures

    • At that age mixed girls with her hair texture DON’T wear bangs. It will get matted up and tangled. Girls her age with that hair texture wear braids or ponytails with the end twisted or braided. It’s a protective style and doesn’t damage her young hair. So yes, they don’t usually wear bangs.

    • Really??? Let me just say this. If you are black, just to make sure, by reading that comment I’m sure if a white person came on here and said to you “black people are ugly,” or, “and so are black women,” It would boil you to the sun! What makes it any better to call someone a cracker if you don’t want to be called a n$gger??? I’m just saying, and I’m black btw.

  18. She sees how black women destroy their heads and doesnt want her daughter to be brainwashed like most of them

    • Dumb dumb black women damaging their hair bc of white women like her that call our hair ugly. Bc the brainwashing is that your hair has to be straight like the white women or it’s not pretty. Or have a Spanish curl otherwise it’s nappy or not good hair. You used the example as if you had a fucking clue about black women and our hair in this society. off

    • Please take a sit and rest your weary heart…for you don’t know what you are talking about….I am a black lady…I have my natural hair on…my friends and family inclusive and so do many people I have met…stop generalizing,besides we have the right to do whatever the hell we want to do with our hair….if you don’t like it,that’s your issue to deal with,for we really don’t care…we are so tired of most white people telling us what beauty is,or how to dress or look the part…it’s none of your business actually,just because your have cornrows doesn’t mean you have been brainwashed…these immature remarks are why people don’t get along…am sorry to say this but the only brainwashed heads are of yours and the same woman who can’t accept her child for what she really is….

  19. Little do she know that she’s hurting that child. I also went through the same problem for years (24 now). My mom white and my dad’s black. My mama family alwaysuse to call me niggers and i could play with my cousins because i wasnt white enough. I couldnt go on family trips or family gatherings. My daddy family said i wasnt dark enough. My cousins use to jump on me pull my hair and call me a mut(mixed child). I went through lots of counseling. Now i graduated high school on my eay of getting my Master’s and a handsome 4 year old son. Being mixed, you have to find out where u fit in this world. Some people excepts you and some dont.

  20. First of all, I would like to thank all that made sure the child’s face is not shown. Second, love don’t have color or style. Third, by contributing to the hate between black and white, you might has well be the woman who don’t love her child fully.

    Lastly, KIM, ProBlack Man – show your faces so that we can put the face to the hate!

  21. I am so glad that she isn’t the mother of a grandchild of mine, because would have a real problem. I also would slap the taste out of her mouth, if she touched my son (as he doesn’t hit women, but I would whip that ass) She’s an ignorant woman and he should seek full custody. His first mistake was lying down with her in the first place. That was stupid.

  22. This *black* guy uses correct grammar and spelling throughout his texts–I can barely get through hers. This *black* guy has taken the time to go get his little girl’s hair done (something my own *white* husband wouldn’t do). Why can’t an involved *black* dad have a say in how his own daughter is raised? Hating a hairstyle is one thing, telling your daughter’s dad that you don’t “embrace that side of her” is another. I hope she never, ever says that to her child. (from a *white* mother of a one year old girl)

  23. I don’t feel bad for this guy at all, black men like him love laying down with white women who bash black women to make themselves feel better but yet he’s surprised that she says things like this about their black daughter? GTFOH! he even tried to get his baby mother’s approval by saying that the baby don’t look to black. He’s a self hater and she’s a racist and this is what you get when two dumbass makes a child…..NEXT!

  24. It probably baffled him. Even a full caucasian little girl can look beautiful in braids. Braids stop you from having to fight with little girls on a daily basis to do their hair its versatile and a way of expression she should grow up and feel beautiful with both braids and bangs whatever her parents choose this is simple and although privatemaybe he wanted other opinions or to show her her ignorance. This could damage the child self image in the long run

  25. The only person this will hurt is the child she is mixed with 2 different cultures which needs to be embraced Why would you have sex unprotected then have a kid with a different race if you dont like certain features this situation is so sad SMH

  26. She probably isnt truly racist.
    She lost a good dude,and she is using his race to bash him..
    She most likely cried,wanting him back.
    Im not condoning her shitty behavoir,because she is most likely hurting her child with those comments.
    She clearly came from a racist family.Her parents probably have her brainwashed.
    I think the father is a great guy..And the hair looks very good.

  27. She is a beautiful little girl to be mixed,let her rick the cornrows braids,all people have there there children should media is not the place to git on here talking a about the mommy or dad,he should ask her first.that is all I am sayin,keep it

  28. This woman is making a HUGE mistake and she is harming her daughter. She is obviously a racist, so it makes you wonder why she made a baby with him? And….same question, why did he make a baby with her? That sweet baby girl is the loser. She will have to live in both worlds. That is very hard, made even harder if one of your parents isn’t willing to accept that. Kudos to the dad for loving ALL of his daughter. Shame on the mom for loving NONE of her.

  29. I agree with Lane. I am sure the writings were on the wall about how she felt about black people and their hair styles and he went on to have a baby with her anyways. They both are dumb. He looks stupid for blasting his baby mama for response when he laid down with her.

  30. Unfortunately, at least in this context, the mother has already damaged the child… Damn shame.

  31. As a white woman Im not sure what to say. I agree that the father should have 100% custody! Her hair looks adorable. If my child was mixed, I would be thrilled to have someone either teach me to care for her hair properly, or I would find a place to take her. I used to braid my hair and I got strange looks and rude comments from all races. That beautiful little girl deserves better. I’m teaching my daughter to embrace her Portuguese heritage as well as her “white/european” heritage. Some people are disgusting human beings.

  32. It’s hard enough as a mixed child to feel judgement from society through out their life because they’re a part of both cultures, but on the outside of both. They don’t need this from their own parent for God’s sake.

  33. God forbid the daughter grows up and her skin gets darker because I am afraid the mother may kill her for it. The father needs to get full custody of her NOW!! You don’t want your child looking Black?? What did you think was going to happen when you not only slept with a Black Guy, but allowed him to impregnate you? Idiot is not even fit to be a mother.

  34. I feel so sorry for that little girl being in the middle of that shit! Don’t for a second think he didn’t know that would piss the baby mom off. I just wish people would think with something besides their sexual organs!

  35. You people are all a bunch of idiots. If the mother was really a racist she wouldn’t have had a baby with a black guy but would have instead murdered said child at an abortion clinic.

    The guy was obviously trying to bait his ex into making responses which would make her look bad by getting their daughter a messed up looking haircut without the mothers permission…thus making her extremely upset.

    If she was racist 1. She would have killed the child at an abortion clinic or 2. She would have given up custody.

    Congratulations morons on playing right into this deceptive jerkoffs hand by not actually useing your freaking brains and keeping your heads up your butts.

    • You are the idiot who thinks that just because someone has a kid with a person of another race that makes them NOT racist. Why are you this naive? Do you also know that you can be married or in a relationship with a person of another race and still be racist? Stop being stupid.

  36. It amaze me how this women could have sex with a black man and get pregnant and don’t seem to know her child is a mix of her and the black father this sick Racist Bitch I just pray she isn’t being mean to her little biracial daughter this Bitch needs to learn to keep her legs closed to black men and if the dummy can’t stay a way from the black penis at least protect your dumb ass if the brothers know what’s good for them they would leave this RACIST BITCH alone because she is ignorant she will raise her children to be ignorant and this world is very cruel the little girl don’t need to here it from her own mom she will get plenty of racism from others Lane you are so Fucking wrong he probably did it to shame her dumb ass if you bitches have black babies society only sees them as black my grandsons are biracial and people only see them as black which they are fine with it the father wants her to love the baby as a whole not just the white half plus that will confuse the kid as she gets older she could develop self hate and that is a dangerous thing the father needs to help his daughter embrace her blackness as a positive not a negative .

    • You said if you have a biracial child they only see them as the colour of your skin. Which is true as shit because I myself am mixed but my skin colour is white. Say I go walk through a certain part of my town I get called by “white boy”. That shit pisses me off. If I say nigga around people that I don’t know people assume I’m “WHITE” and I get told to not say it. Nah… sorry. but I’ll say and do what I please. Ain’t nobody ready tell me I can’t say something because of my skin tone. So that’s not just a black skin tone issue. It’s an ignorant ass people issue. When niggas tell me I gotta turn country music on and stop listening to rap music cause it’s “their culture” and not mine.. It’s not my issue, it’s theirs. Ain’t no-one thing in this world only one person, race, culture could do more than another. I’m getting tired of hearing/seeing of this race issue shit and I’m also tired of niggas assuming white people are evil or that Blacks should ignore White people and stick only to blacks and the same with white people. That shit is just ignorant as hell. People shouldn’t have to embrace their skin colour. Everyone should be positive and happy they’re on earth no matter what race they are… but as far as this bitch in the text messages about the fucking hair style. About one of the most pathetic, ignorant arguments I’ve seen in a long bit. I say she should be able to pick her own hair style assuming that she can talk that neither one of them but herself should pick the things she loves/wants because she isn’t just black nor white… she’s both.

  37. Hold up let’s say this much.. Half y’all seem racist up in here. Yes I’m a white lady and yes I am married to a black man. Who ever someone chooses to be with is their choice. As for this particular white chick, 1 she should have used some sort of protection of she Only wanted some dick. 2 now they have child and the one who suffers is the child. Once you have a mixed child in this case she is black.. not white. Smh. 3 man you need to get custody of her. Baby girl is going to be so dam confused otherwise. Never knowing her identity. Much luck on this one. This is the unfortunate world we live in.

    • She isn’t Black and she’s isn’t white. She’s both. Hopefully both of the parents aren’t on the same page and hopefully he don’t hate white people as much as this bitch hates black people… because then it’s going to screw her head up. She’s a young Mixed lil girl. Telling her she’s white is as wrong as telling her she’s black. I’m mixed and I look white but I’m just as “negro” as my pops along with being as white as my mother. I’m tell ya.. This fucking comment section racist as shit. Telling all people to stay away from a different races an stick with only the colour of your skin.. All these people ignorant as shit.

  38. I’ll say I am with most of you. I can’t understand how he had a kid with this female. But folks are quick to jump on the dudes side, unless she poked holes in the condom while she put it on he is as much fault for this BS as she is. How do you not know who you decide to have a baby with? Yes there are a lot of woman out there that want to have mixed babies and most of them are proud to say it. I think there is more to the story than meets the eye.

  39. She is a sick woman … and it’s sad you can’t choose your parents because with a mind set like that she needed to not have any kids …. those people that continue situations that you wish is over …. very sad hope this lil girls dad shows her how life is for us black people because with other people like her in the world will still look at her as black and she will be confused and angry about life …

  40. Yes, she is sooo hateful because she doesn’t want her child’s scalp subjected to the stress of getting cornrowed. But yeah, let’s just scream ‘racist’ like all the other zombies here. Media scum is tearing our society apart.

  41. This kinda puts me off on the whole interracial relationships thing, but then again.. He should have seen this coming tho…

  42. Really? If the baby mama don’t like black style and cultures then why the F*** did she ride his black stick in the first place and got pregnant? Dumb Racist woman that has no problem riding and taking the BBC but has problem with her daughter being half black and can’t accept the black culture and styles

  43. I pray that we listen to the remarks that are being made .God created us different that we may know one another and not dispise one another . I f we look at ourselves we are all mixed . I pray for them to have strength and love themselves because at the end of the day ,God has the last word . Peace ,love and respect .This child was created for a purpose and that is love and to teach kindness in​ the world . THINK​.

    • This❤❤❤ I love your point of view and how you didn’t bash anyone to make it…please continue we need more people who think like you in the world. It gives hope for humanity. Be blessed.

  44. People, I think you are all missing the point here.
    The big issue here is the safety of this child being whit unstable mother.
    Clearly she is having a breaking brought on by her family and friends who are tell her how bring up the child and that she should not have had a kid whit him, something she come to believe from have the people around her telling that she should not had have a child with a black man.
    (he said I hope you would think it was cute everyone likes dose, she reply, yay OK. Not my friends)
    Who the fu#k are you friends or anyone els to say how the child brought up?
    I think social services should be looking it to mother and and her family and friends around this child.
    With that hatred of her blackness at the age she is, and as she get older she Will get darker and darker, her hair will get more “BLACKISH” And yes mother she looks back because she is black, partly.
    Will the child be the one to pay price in the end, may even with her life at the hand of a derange mother.

    Who is Black? One Nation’s Definition… The One-Drop Rule
    To be considered black in the United States not even half of one’s ancestry must be African black. But will one-fourth do, or one-eighth, or less? The nation’s answer to the question ‘Who is black?” has long been that a black is any person with any known African black ancestry. This definition reflects the long experience with slavery and later with Jim Crow segregation. In the South it became known as the “one-drop rule,” meaning that a single drop of “black blood” makes a person a black. It is also known as the “one black ancestor rule,” some courts have called it the “traceable amount rule,” and anthropologists call it the “hypo-descent rule,” meaning that racially mixed persons are assigned the status of the subordinate group. This definition emerged from the American South to become the nation’s definition, generally accepted by whites and blacks. Blacks had no other choice. As we shall see, this American cultural definition of blacks is taken for granted as readily by judges, affirmative action officers, and black protesters as it is by Ku Klux Klansmen.

  45. Okay, the mom is obviously racist and rude in how she responds to the baby’s father. Her behavior is in no way acceptable. However, the dad didn’t like how the mom did the girl’s hair, and he did this so you can’t see the bangs, which he calls white. He doesn’t want his daughter’s hair in a French braid, because he also views that as a white hairstyle. His daughter is half white, but though he “sounds” good in this exchange, I can see that they both prioritize one race over the other. Neither is completely innocent. The worst part is that their daughter will suffer. Also the fact that both of their names are mentioned in the texts, mean that those close to them may see this and it could become an embarrassment for their daughter. It was very selfish to post this.

  46. They both were wrong. She said she didn’t like braids (on the basis of their child’s mixed race). He said he didn’t like bangs (on the basis of their child’s mixed race). Then he called her a bigot. News flash…they are both bigots…and I hope the parents learn from their mistake and for their child’s sake get back on the right path.

    Bigot – a person who is intolerant toward those holding different opinions.

    Newsflash – whoever calls one of them a bigot but not the other one a bigot is well…a bigot. Don’t put children in the middle of your personal conflicts.

    FIRST – Value of life is at hand. Doing this to children plays games with their sense of value…and they are God’s gift. Don’t do this to children. They are innocent children and become what you make them. Fill them with a sense of love, guidance, and teaching. Lead them and walk with them when needed.

    SECOND – It is time to end the double standards. Equality means all people need to be treated equally. People need to stop using race as a means of demoting, promoting, isolating, segregating, discriminating, profiling, and what not. If you want to judge someone for how they present themselves, do so on the basis of something they CHOSE such as style that reflects their way of thinking and their personality…and leave their skin tone out of it.

    • no she said she didn’t like the black side of her own daughter ! what you’re saying came later you’re missing the point of their conversation. the point is she’s a racist and she doesn’t like half of her daughter and she thinks she’s white and she’s not .. hear hair is frizzy like a black persons but she’s so stupid she doesn’t want to see it ! lying about her friend’s not liking it just to make it seem like she’s the right one lol . she is totally wrong in this and this is all her fault the man did absolutely nothing wrong! she’s basically talking shit about her own daughter ! this lady is a shit mother and a white devil !

  47. Is everyone just going to overlook the fact that he said racist shit too? o_O “Mixed girls don’t wear bangs.” Why the hell not? He’s also intentionally talking to her in a condescending way with the expressed purpose of pissing her off. Both of these parents are weaponizing their child.

    • That’s a massive generalization on his part but it’s a legitimate pragmatic and aesthetic issue if her hair is more like her father’s side of the family. If her hair is curly, natural “woke-up-like-this” bangs would look like a frizzy mess. Not just on black or biracial kids either… many white and latina girls with curly hair have to put tons of product and time into calming frizzy bangs to make them look ok. Now, if she has fine or straight hair that’s a completely different story and that statement is crazy racist. Although, I personally would rather a child in my care had braids so they could get up and go play in the morning than have to waste extra time and effort to calm the child’s bangs.

  48. The mother is probably just a bitter woman and not a real racist. why would a racist white woman be with a black man? He probably left her and she is bitter. That shit brings out the worst in people. All in all this drama is bad for the child.

  49. If she is comfortable enough to spew this hatred to him? Then trust me the child has and will hear it all the time. This is not a mom..this is a child with a womb. She should have thought about the ramifications of her action of laying down with a black man before she had his baby. So, it’s ok to fuck him, but it is not ok for the progeny to embrace all of herself? I mean come on…The child is mixed, she will already go through confusion in figuring who she is, so why put added pressure and disrespect to a part of her that she has no control over? But, mom had control over it…she should not have slept with a black man if she did not want to have a mixed baby. And? It is obvious that she is upset with him for whatever reason and taking it out on the poor beautiful child. You have a problem with her hair? Then do something with it so he does not have to. Problem solved!

  50. Man.. I’m tired of reading shit like this forreal. I’m mixed. My skins white but I’m mixed. People always tellin me “you a white boy you can’t say nigga”. First off… don’t come at me like that. I can do , say, walk, talk, dress anyway I please. You dont know my background. You ain’t my family. You ain’t my pops. You ain’t shit. People out here claiming white people RACIST. They the DEVIL.. No. You’re just ignorant as fuck. Out here classifying people on skin colour… Some ignorant ass shit. When the fuck can we wake up an just be people man. You gotta realize ain’t nobody in this world the same person. Just cause he’s white and he’s white don’t mean they look the same direction. Just cause the White guy say he don’t like Blacks doesn’t mean all whites agree… No, It just means that mf is ignorant as shit. Same role with Blacks.. Just cause the white kid walk down the street in the hood don’t mean you gotta assume “HE LOST”, don’t mean you gotta walk up with a front, chest puffed an assume niggas gon’ be afraid. Nah.. Like there so much judgmental shit I went through being mixed that I’m ready just give up on both races and stick with mfs who’re mixed cause all ya’ll acting childish as shit. but nah… thats steeping as low as half yall mfs arguing about race here. Man… Thank God my people don’t argue about skin color. Thank God they realize it ain’t about appearance. Thank God my family realizes all people are equal. Even if you’re ignorant as fuck. I don’t mind. I’m nobody to judge.. but, I ain’t ready steep down to your level an pick a specific race or base myself within one group an act like I’m more superior than others. I ain’t gonna roll with my Mom and leave my pops just cause she has the same skin colour.. nah. We’re all equal. I mean honestly I don’t know how this lil girl feels be honest. My fam ain’t split up ever or go around calling one side of the family “white people” or “black people” as we’re all just people. We’re all family. Honestly… if the lil girl can talk, walk & shit on her own. I’d assume she could pick out which-ever hair cut/style she wanted but all this shit over a fucking hair style? ya… that bish racist.. but just cause she racist don’t mean all mfkn white people racist. That shit stay getting on my nerves. Sorry.. If you Black ya ain’t better than white people and if you’re white, you ain’t better than black people. So sit ya dumb looking ass down and shut the fuck up.

    • Your response is classic. It amazes me how everyone can claim the injustices and hardships heaped on them or their ethnic group and expect everyone to have empathy and support but when Black people do it it’s somehow minimized or we’re told get over it or we’re called ignorant or we are all Americans or whatever else cliche that comes to mind. But what really is evident in all of that is the fact that most, not all, but most whites, especially in the post Trump era, is how they in essence blame the victim for the crimes committed against them. People as you state make the claim that white people are devils at which point you say they are ignorant as fuck is a prime example. Let me make something clear. If a hundred snakes were coming at you and only ten of them meant you no harm would you say that the other 90 were not going to harm you? Or that the 10 would protect you? Just because there is a minority of whites that don’t mean any harm does not negate the fact that, by their actions, deeds, denials, hatred, abuses, disrespect that the majority are devils by the nature of their acts. And you are really off base with your last statement if you’re black you ain’t better than anybody else and if you’re white you ain’t better than anybody else. Really?? Black people have never operated on the notion that we are better than whites. All we want is the same respect and opprotunity that’s afforded to everyone else. Nothing more. But because of the insecurities and fears of the status quo we are not afforded that. Lastly you say you mixed and your skin is white but you never said what your ethnicity was. And if you’re not mixed with black you really prove my point.

    • LMAO – your family HAS to say that about you to make your feel better about yourself. They know what they’ve done to you.

  51. Seriously though. I would be very concern about this type of woman/mother with this mind set raising this child. Make we wonder if the child would be safe with her. Deranged, disturbed woman. Dad you need to seriously monitor this situation and make the best choice for your child.

  52. I hope y’all know this shit is fake. Anytime you see one of these “controversial conversations” like this, yeah someone just wrote it themselves to get you to click on their website.


    • Actually there is no law anymore that bi-racial children have to claim Black heritage. That was during slavery as to keep the white bloodline pure because so many masters were having children with their slaves.

  54. Her hair is beautiful. Her soul is beautiful. The skin of a fruit does nothing but protect the fruit. Some would never eat the fruit of a darkened peel banana. If you take the time to peel it back, you’ll see the fruit is perfect. I can’t believe it’s 2017 and we haven’t evolved past the stone age mentally. Seems we are getting worse, than better. Evil needs little to spread. If we were all the same tone of skin, it would be our hair color, or the size of our ears. This isn’t a racist problem, but an evil problem and Jesus is the only answer to combat evil.

  55. “Could of”, “should of”…what an ignorant, racist idiot…what kind of man would want to be with someone as pathetic as her? Then again, the man chose to have a child with her, so he should be held accountable as well.

    Kudos to the father for defending his daughter, but at the end of the day, the little girl is going to suffer in a toxic environment like that.

  56. What up home boy said ..she .as in his daughter it .hairdew don’t look to black..wth…why would even say it like that .trying make bm feel better ..fck her stop being simp..

  57. I guess mum showing all that so called racism is that she might have got tired of a man so what she does to bring all that argument.She loves her daughter and all mothers have to look the best for there kids and on top of that at one point ,she loved the dad even giving him a daughter but i guess she’s not in love anymore.

  58. That’s why you have to be careful what nasty trash you pick up some shit just still stink no matter how often you try to make it smell good next time put this racist bitch named on blast how stupid does this trailer park trash sound for real ugly braids oh right you love for this child hair to look like she grew up in the jungle with her dam hair packed to her head white don’t care

  59. Why did the parents not talk about this before the little girl was taken to the hair stylist? That seems to be the root of this problem.

    • You’re a wise man. Of the problems ahead for this child, a bigger part than her parents racial animosity is that they aren’t together and clearly aren’t friendly either. Together or apart, (because not all parents should stay together!) children do best when their parents/caretakers act as a team despite their differences

    • I don’t think the father needs to get permission to take his daughter to a hairstylit….it’s disgusting, he is apart of this child’s life as is the mother…were they both not part of the baby making program?then why should the mother have the final say…if she’s going to be with the dad,he takes care of her his way and same applies to the mum.At the end of the day this child needs a better,loving,encouraging and supportive environment for her to nourish or to be nurtured right…


  61. Man this really pisses me off because alot of these white girl who date these black men feel this way. It’s just sad u won’t ever know,if u have a mixed child how u not gonna like there black side crazy it’s his fault too, Because his stupid butt gonna say,oh she don’t look to black. ( the hair style) I don’t get why whites are so racist, y’all have it all!! What are you mad about . To have this deep dark hate inside is just beyond me. He’s a fool to even still deal with me racist butt. This world will never change. I have a mixed niece like that ,her mom programed her to only date white men,so so only dates whites,and have mostly all white friends,when her daddy black as all get up. She looks like a fool to me tho. Because them white men treat her even worse. So it’s just plain stupid too me.

  62. While this bitch needs a kick in the head for that shit, I love how you completely dismiss the racist shit he’s saying. “Mixed girls don’t have bangs,” “so she looks like a white girl?” As a mixed man I can tell you that that is just as offensive. Who the fuck are these people who think hair style is dictated by race? ITS FUCKING HAIR! If she likes her hair why the fuck does it matter if she has bangs or cornrows?

  63. You can tell who’s racist on this thread. It’s the ones speaking negative on the father. smh… sad world

  64. The dad should have known that before he laid down and make a baby and bought he into that mess. Choices have consequences. It’s a shame that little girl is caught in the middle of this foolishness. For SHAME!!

  65. I keep hearing all of this talk about she’s not black she’s not white she’s biracial. Legally, by the law set forth by white men, if you have “one drop of black blood” you are considered to be black. It is an example of hypodescent. So stop acting like everything is equal and everyone is respected as equals. And before anyone wants to debate or disagree read before you talk. Also if he was so adamant about having a “black” child why did he impregnate a white female who obviously, aside from indulging in the “black man fantasy”, does not like black people. He had to know she felt like she showed she does. What that tells me is that she thought he was weak and that she could steer him away from his culture. Has anybody seen Get Out???

  66. Yes she sounds pissed at him in general….but maybe she just doesn’t like the tight braids. I don’t like tight braids either….I’ve had it done and it did hurt…for days later it still hurt and then I took them out. I can’t imagine a child’s tender scalp .How is him bitching about her bangs that HE hated any worse than her bitching about braids that she hates ?

  67. She just has to learn that she bedded one of them and now her child is what she is. Just look past the ugly part and learn to love the child fully.

  68. Wait until the world set her straight and let her know that she’s African American. Mom sounds like she won’t quite know how to handle it when she does come home crying because she was discriminated against. And it will happen unfortunately. Actually by either race. Sad day when your mom doesn’t embrace who and or what you look like. Thinking a hairstyle will make you more acceptable as her specific race. Shame on you mom for punishing your beautiful biracial daughter for You and your ex’s choices!!! Both parents should get to know both cultures, so that all three of you can embrace them together. . It’s a beautiful thing to be African American as I’m sure it has to be the same for Caucasians. Dad appears to only bring shame to mom by setting her up with this very unfortunate conversation. Hopefully both of you will learn from this and will choose not to use this beautiful child as your pawn, in this silly game that you’re playing. Remember she didn’t ask to be born in this world, it was a conscious decision made by the two of you. Much luck to you all. God bless the child❤

    • I’m mixed and I have been told countless times, ” your not black, your white” by black pple, most whites accept me as white. So not necessarily true. My son went to a black lives matter march and was sent away being tokd they only wanted “pure” blacks. My son is High yellow, of course, Pure, wtf! We mixed do not fit in either category, but in my experience i was always more accepted as white than as black. Of course I have straight hair and was raised by my white mother.

  69. Lemme address this head on:
    Yes some people are racists simply because they have an ilogical hate for anyone of a different race.

    Then there’s other people who pretend to be racist and shun those of tither races to avoid discrimination/mistreatment.

    It’s the grown-up version of “THE KOOTIES”.
    When a kid had the “KOOTIES” nobody wanted to associate with that kid. Not out of hate but because they didn’t want to be ridiculed or mocked.

    This is the mindset this woman MIGHT be channeling.
    In her mind, braids make her daughter look black and let’s be honest… There’s been a lot of discrimination and even violence (police brutality) against African Americans.

    A lot of the people who aren’t racist but see being black as a disadvantage have changed their minds a lot after seeing more successful mixed race couples (successful = stay married and raise good kids together).

    It gives people hope that perhaps they are WRONG to think negatively about African Americans.

    It shouldn’t be this way to begin with.
    But I’m just trying to explain it for anyone who doesn’t get why someone reacts the way she did.

    She is imagining that her daughter is going to be discriminated against by others racist ppl for having braids…That’s what’s really going on.

    Could be a guilty conscience (maybe she’s done the same to someone who wore braids) or just fear in general.

    • “She is imagining that her daughter is going to be discriminated against by others racist ppl for having braids…That’s what’s really going on.”
      I think what we see in her words are “fear” of how her girl may be treated. Dad needs to hear it, understand it, and together, work it out.

      • That’s not what’s going on but if that’s what you think then ok fine. It’s fine to read another person’s opinion but I have to completely disagree with you.

  70. I sure hope this woman doesn’t act like the “black half” of this child is repulsive in front of her. What a shitty person. This father probably took his beautiful baby girl out for a treat and was super proud of making his daughter feel good and then the mom had to go and shit all over it.

  71. Point is they both made that baby she has every right to her as he does. She complained of the hair style not her race. The father attempts to make it worse by bringing in her racial standards and blasting it on the internet. Both parents need to grow up and compromise.

  72. That’s what he get for even touching white apes… Shouldn’t lay with the dog. Now your daughter has to be torn and not just because he parents aren’t together. I feel sorry for the baby, not the dad

  73. That girl should be with her loving daddy. Why was he with a woman who obviously hates black culture? And why was she with him if she finds it so wrong? I hope that poor kid doesn’t grow up hating part of who she is, because of her mom’s words/actions.
    I think “halfricans” are super cute!

  74. Her hair looks great! I wish I knew how to do hair like that for my daughter…who is mixed. That poor girl is in a world of hurt being raised with a racist! Which begs the question, how the heck did those two get together in the first place?!?!

    • I would look on the internet for some tutorials :). I have some younger siblings that are mixed and I use to do my little sisters hair all the time .. my internet access was limited at the time (late 90s lol) and Granted I did the more easy styles.. but you can at least add to the style book for your daughter to pick from .. There are also some places hair salons that will put in braids for children at decent prices.. Though my sis wasn’t interested in braids similar to the girl in this article till she hit middle school so I am unsure about younger kids.. 🙂

  75. Sounds like my mother. My sisters and I are mixed – Mexican and European. But my mom loves to ignore the mexican side of our heritage and act like we’re her perfect white children. Whenever I bring it up she ignores it or asserts our whiteness. I remember as a child if we spoke in a certain manner it was seen as “ghetto” by her family and would often be followed by some form of racism. If you or your family is a bunch of racists don’t have a mixed kid or you’ll have children like me, clamoring for their missing identity when they’ve become older.

  76. My thing is how can u be sexing a black guy an then get pregnant by said black guy have a baby knowing she was going to be a biracial child..n now u have a problem with it??? Im mean if she acted like tht about braids im sure her parents been pissed/ or rolling over in their grave about this black guy thing already lol…she is the type of chic that tries to relive thier life through their children…smh how simple minded ppl are in this world now days.. This some #GetOut shyt on so many levels

  77. I don’t completely fault the mother here. Dad needs to slow it down a bit. While the girl may look cute in her daddy’s eyes, the mom may see it differently, and with reasons which are not easily articulated in a text . The little lady is not just by racial but also bi-cultural. She has to live in the primary culture of her mother, as well as that of her father. In her moms culture, where all her resources are, braided hair may be the equivalent of pants “sagging well below the waist line”. For the dad, picking up his little lady with her hair looking like a “turkey” may have the same offensive impact upon his primary culture. Both the mother and the father, for good or for bad, each must manage the emotional, financial, psychological and spiritual resources of the daughter when she is in their custodial care. Each must also be sensitive to know how that precious child’s “other” community may perceive her and how her resources may be effected by something as simple as a few braids and/or lack thereof. I think they both love their precious girl. Think culture, not race primarily. WORK IT OUT!

  78. As a teacher who has had students of many races and ethnic backgrounds, hair is a HUGE deal for little girls of every culture. The most problematic part of this conversation to me is that the mom feels so strongly that cornrows and afro-american braids are “ugly”… even if she said it in kinder words, that hints to deep-rooted racist feelings because the braids are practical, easier for parents, and can look very cute, ESPECIALLY on kids. It would be different if she said she doesn’t like that braid design, but she clearly wants her child to be pure white. I don’t know everything about it (I’m white) but in my professional experience, parent attitudes like this will only lead the child to insecurities about her african hair. To develop enough confidence to be their best selves, all kids need parents/adult role models to teach them to love themselves the way they are (hair included). For black and biracial kids that means loving the hair they were born with and learning how to keep their hair healthy. It makes me very sad that this child is being encouraged have a split identity, with one half despising the other, instead of having a cohesive message from home helping her to develop her sense of self as a biracial person.

  79. She needs to be glad he even took the time to get her hair done. Most people don’t even do that today. Men and women. It looks nice and those braids don not hurt unless the braider pulls too hard. She needs to aks her daughter if she likes them anyway.

  80. Stop leaving responses condemning all the people of one particular race, culture or group just because a few people of their circle stand out negatively. How are you any better calling caucasians ” white devils” in response to another’s despicable display of ignorance, intolerance and racism. Sure she doesn’t like the braids fine. Her opinion her right. Obviously she is either racist or very poorly skilled in communicating her dislike for the style as she definitely showed horrible judgement in conveying her dislike for her baby’s fathers choice. Please people stop trying to share your efforts to empower the people all the while trying to bring others down. It doesn’t help or make things better/easier.

  81. as a white mumma of a beautiful mixed race girl I am appalled by this exchange. I corn row my girls hair as often as possible because apart from the practicality, it look awesome. Her hair is difficult to manage and becomes dreaded easily, knots are painful and difficult to remove. The corn rows keep her hair managable. Her mother’s attitude will be to the detriment of her daughter – selfish cow!

  82. That mom is an asshole.. I am sorry for the child really. I think she needs to live with Daddy.. The one who likes all of her for who she is.. I Think the hair style is cute… I would also probably see about having her moms visits be supervised seeing how she is behaving. I wouldn’t trust her with the child alone..

  83. I can’t fail to notice this gentleman has better grammar and manners than the white supremacist wanna-be-mother. A hair style does not define your culture, but what you put in your heart and head definitely does. America is sadly racist and will continue to be racist to the end.

  84. More whites feel this way that’s why biracials embrace the more privilege side it’s not easy being black in Americas.

  85. This ridiculous bitch has no business raising a child, she clearly is one. I hope he takes her sick ass to court, I can tell this behavior barely scratches the surface of her crazy. I’m proud of his ability to try and communicate through her verbal abuse. I am Not grown enough for that. I’d turn into to a magician, me and my baby would disappear. These are the type of white people I can’t stand. Nasty bitch. This is going to fuck me up all day. How can you be so nasty to your own baby. Wtffffff. That beautiful little girl is going to have serious self esteem issues cause of that crazy woman. Her daddy is gonna have to work 3x a hard to show her her black girl magic. God speed.

  86. So I am supposed to be upset at the “baby mom” because black Dad got a white woman who didn’t want to have black kids pregnant? That is very irresponsible of the father. How about as men, take more responsibility of the children you bring into this world and the women we lay down with . Now because custody and child support is an issue she’s racist? She was racist when you nut in her and now it’s only a problem because you two have custody issues??? I’m not on this “mans” side because she doesn’t want to raise her biracial daughter black and that is her choice and she shouldn’t be demonized for it. Her child is biracial not black or predominantly black.

    — Black Mother

  87. I have a biracial son, I’m white, dad is black. He always had his hair shaved. As he got older he wanted to grow it out. I told him if he wanted to grow it out he would have to take care of it. He did fine so he grew it out some. I could never imagine telling my son that he couldn’t grow his hair out cause he looks too black. He embraces his heritage and I make sure of it. My mom has Portuguese roots so that’s something to share. Never take away from your kids. You’re only going to hender their knowledge and that’s just wrong. That child is going to hate that woman and she deserves it

  88. If I was him I would have asked him to tell her look at my daughter’s birth certificate and tell you what she is.. any child nowadays I’m pretty sure that they put that the child’s African-American if they have any black in them.

  89. Seems neither are really that good of parents or innocent in this exchange. He knew exactly the response he’d elicit from that pic. Using his daughter as a divisive tool to “troll” the mother of his child. Not excusing her words, but since they were so inflammatory, the trolling is overlooked. She said, “You got the response you wanted.” Obviously they don’t get along, they should maybe seek counseling for the sake of the child? No matter what they do, using their child as a subject of hateful fighting on a worldwide public platform that she could one day see when she is older. Reading these words her mother wrote when caught off guard, is probably never a solution. Again not defending her, but we are all human and should understand knee-jerk reactions when emotions get involved. Sadly she’s racist or isn’t adverse to using racist statements and he know’s it. He obviously knows her quite well used it to his advantage either for likes or a few minutes of fading glory on the web. Poor child, hopefully both parents can calm their emotions towards each other for the sake of the little one, especially since they are co-parenting. I see that as the real issue, the lack of willingness and or stubbornness to put aside these hurtful feelings towards each other to benefit their precious child. Not be so eager to try to find allies on the web by using her to fight and leave postings of positive working together so she could maybe one day see that. Not to diminish the racist tones of her remarks. I could also be reading far too much into this and be off point, just an opinion. I don’t know either of them or their history.

  90. I think that’s something that no matter what the racial component is, should have been run by the mother of the girl as well. It seems pretty obvious he’s trying too rev up the engine of his “babymomma” and uses superior grammar (over a text) too try too look and sound intellectually superior. Then he says she “hates half her daughter” numerous times, then posts the photo and this all online. Very mature father.

  91. They’re both being racist. She is saying she doesn’t like the tight cornrows, and he is saying mixed kids “don’t wear bangs”. WTF is wrong with the both of them. Maybe ask the child what she wants.

  92. They’re both fuckin stupid but one is more dumb than the other…peep what pops said “Mixed kids don’t have bangs” WTF?!? Feel for the kid.

  93. Not all white women with biracial children are as ignorant as she is. I have biracial son’s who i wanted to and even taught them to embrace their black culture. So please don’t put us all in the same category. I am not the devil and will not tolerate being called one. There are good and bad in every culture, some don’t judge people by their culture so I’d appreciate the same respect. This girl was stupid and should never have had a child who is biracial if she couldn’t love both cultures her daughter carries but so many love their children unconditionally and would never put their child/children through this.
    Respect people as individuals not by color of skin because that remark isn’t a sign of respect. I’d never disrespect you due to you being a black individual but by the actions and ridiculous words.

    • Shy, You got it right, don’t judge people by the color of their skin, but on the context of their actions, judge not and you won’t be judged. White or Black, Black or white, the way you treat someone will follow you where ever you go in LIFE.

  94. Y’all sound dumb ass hell talking about they hurt I’ve have had hair all my life and my kids too never have I cried or my kids with them bairds y’all bitter just like she is and y’all have an excuse for everything she says it’s not right for y’all bashing this azmaing ass young father bc he black doing his job as a man and as a father and when I say y’all say I’m talking about y’all white ppl who heads fucked up and think shit can’t change in the world cause I think y’all run it just cause you white don’t give you the right to bash us black ppl and ain’t shit wrong with them braids you low life and don’t forget we didn’t asks to come over to this fucked up ass place

  95. Is the mom and dad together????? Has there been previous conversation about hair styles?????? I know many women are picky about their children’s hair and style. If they are not together and the mom has custody, there should be civil discussion about appearance and each should respect each other. If one dose something that the other is against behind their back, then that’s wrong. No matter what that parent wants. Was the hair style done as an “in your face” ? to get a reaction that could go viral???? Ultimately, as the child gets older, then she can make decisions, but at this time, if the parents are not together, and the mother has custody, then she has the right to make decisions for her child. I’m not agreeing on how she handled it, but maybe (if they are not together) that’s what the dad wanted. Make decisions together for your child! And stick with those decisions!

  96. Bruh, you got a problem. And through no fault of her own, your daughter does too. You and wifey need to go see a psychologist – preferably mixed.

  97. I have seen a lot of races wearing Cornrows/braids it doesn’t define your race.Black people wear french braids also, but most of all remember when you sleep with someone it’s your potential baby mama or daddy.

  98. You know how white women say, mixed children are so cute! I think she said, “I’ll have a baby by a black man so that I can have a pretty baby.” That’s what it sounds like to me!!! Damn racists!

  99. She simply doesn’t like the hairstyle. Racism has nothing to do with that, she simply wants best for her child (almost every mum has her own vision on that). I can understand her anger, when she hears that dad changes her child’s hairstyle without consultation. And… if she would be a racist, she would never slept with him. What a bunch of idiots on the internet.

    • she said she don’t want her to look black she wants her to look white like how she sees her in her eyes. smh. I guess you missed that part.

  100. So she hates blacks, but fucked a black man and carried his baby for 9 months, and is raising his child? Were her eyes closed when she met him? Yeah, I’m calling bullshit on this entire story.

  101. Mixed race is something America made up. You actually are who your father is. If your daddy is white and mom is anything other than white you are white and that is biblical. But I’m sure nobody ever read it or even cares. So little does this mother know in Gods eyes she’s black.

  102. i think they both need to shut the fuck up, and stop using the child as a tool to use in an argument between themselves. let the kid grow up and decide, for herself, which hair she chooses.

  103. I think people should think long and hard who you sleep with because the fact is you can have a child and then you start acting as if you didn’t know who you slept with stop opening your legs and and stop pulling it out so quick and get to know the person first just saying

  104. Again a man trying his best to be a great father and a mother..who obviously doesn’t want that!! Some women can so self centered!! You laid down with this man and had a blessing and you tripping over a hairstyle while others are tripping because the dad’s refuse to spend time and money on their child!!! Get a life and have several seats….can not believe the nerve of this chick!!!!

  105. I bet she was not bothered by his black dick when she made that baby……You can’t have it all, racist cow!

  106. He didn’t want her to have a “white girl” hair style because she was half black, but it is ok for him to give her a “black girl” hair style even though she is half white. Hypocrisy on his side. They should talk it out before EITHER of them makes a decision like this. Both are trying to get the other angry and then be the rational parent and both are hurting the child by putting the child in the middle of their fight.

  107. How do I find my previous comment if I don’t see it listed here anymore? I still get notifications of people replying but when I click it I can’t find the comment?

  108. They both lack class. Putting something like that online is juvenile. Dude was probably planning on posting the conversation from the beginning and presented himself accordingly during the back and forth. Doesn’t excuse the mom from anything, but he was baiting her with the intent to post the conversation online. He also criticized the mom for a hairstyle saying “mixed girls don’t have bangs” which is basically saying it’s a white girl style and his daughter isn’t white.

  109. I don’t see anything wrong with dad taking her to do cornrows for God sakes it’s her dad…. mom needs to chill racist or not .

  110. I think the father needs to save all the texts and take the mom to court and get full custody of the child. He needs to make sure that there is supervised visitation orders in place so that the mom is not left alone with the child. I hope and pray that everything works out for him.

  111. I see all these people like “she has full right to say whether she likes it or not” and other people like “This racist bitch…” Well. Allow me to add a medium. I personally am half black and half white. This woman is rightful to say she doesn’t like the hairstyle because people have different taste in hairstyles and she tends to dislike black culturally styled hair. I personally don’t like braids at all or cornrows and sometimes I don’t even like my curly hair but I’m still proud of it. HOWEVER, she was wrong to be as discriminating against it as she was because her disliking it isn’t racist, her saying black hairstyles are ugly and disgusting is sorta racist on a level because she’s disgracing black culture without just saying, “I really don’t like those type of hairstyles.” BUT THE FACT that she said “she looks black” is clearly racist because it wasn’t really about the hairstyle, she just didn’t want her child to look black. Plus she was being extremely rude while the father was trying to be polite, no his responses weren’t perfectly nice but he held it together a lot better than she did. I also don’t like the fact that she said “her hair is for me” she is basically trying to say, “I’m white, she looks white and she should look like me, which is white”. I have to rag on them both tho because neither of them thought to consult their child to see if she actually liked it or which she would prefer. BUT he did say that his daughter said she wanted them. What pisses me off tho is the way she’s offensive and then does that white girl shit where they just respond like “Ok I will.”, “uh huh”, “ok”, like show some emotion and nobody can’t tell me this isn’t true because I used to live in Cali for almost all my life and all white girls I talked to (specifically white girls did this) which was 95% of my school would respond like this because they feel like pissing you off because they KNOW it does. Anyway in conclusion the father could’ve kept this private since this was a confidential conversation but besides that nothing really and I think the mother should learn to appreciate blacks and even if she doesn’t to at least not be rude about it. No one likes those people and they shouldn’t exist because all they do is hurt people emotionally. What’s your opinion on what I’ve said though? And to the white ladies.. or all ladies for a matter of fact, appreciate your children no matter what. And for men, make sure you don’t make children with these types of ladies. Unless you like that kinda thing idk.

    • Also he shouldn’t put down a white girl’s hair style. That’s kinda racist on his part as well. He was more pointing to the fact that it didn’t look good on her and the way she did made her “look like a turkey” but still.

  112. The dad is just as bad IMO…
    “Mixed girls don’t have bangs”
    Why can’t she have French braids or regular braids sometimes as well as the cornrows sometimes? It wouldn’t kill the dad to be a little open minded here.

  113. My baby is about to be born this
    Year and she is half black and perto Rican and I want her to be proud Of both sides, but as a black woman this is heartbreaking that she thinks so negatively of her own child’s natural features…

    • I dont believe that she is racist at all. I think she is concerned for how her child will be perceived, in the real world. But its coming out wrong. We have all done that, tried to say something that comes out wrong, because we dont know the right words at the time.

      What i think your missing is, he is being a bit racist. “Mixed girls don’t wear bangs”, “hair looks like a turkey”, “French Braids”, really, I am mixed I have wavy white pple hair, i never needed cornrows, or grease. I wore bangs and french braids. And looking at the pic, at the scalp the hair looks straight. Which means she also may have white pple hair and dont need corn rows.

      My other issue with him is choice. Let the daughter choose for herself. If she wants to be more white, let her be. The mom appears to have given choice, “She wanted bangs” , the dad it seems never asked the girl, just did it. Your child may decide to grow up and just be puerto Rican, that should be their choice. Not the parents pushing one race on them over the other. It seems dad is doing a lot more pushing on the child than the mom. But yet shes being called the racists one. Any other time, blacks say mixed kids arent black, and I know, I’ve been told many times, I’m not, by black people.

      • You really don’t know what you are talking about…better yet please re read the conversation, you may have missed a lot of points…if she was worried about how her child will be treated, she shouldn’t have had a bi racial child,secondly,the dad did say she liked it, meaning she liked it,no two ways about it,she started it when she said white girls don’t do that hair…if you don’t see anything wrong with everything she sent then you are a racist too without even knowing it or you know it but are a low key racist…am tired of such remarks…she is a kid for crying out loud…I thank the dad for staying cool because most people would have reacted more differently such that by now she would be depressed, people need to support each other…no one is better than the other…no one has a choice in the way to be born…this family needs guidance and they need a psychologist to map out their issues and to see where they can meet from so they get along..even if things don’t end well if you have kids together respect each others decision,she is not superior to him,she even makes a silly remark saying the hair is her,in what way is it hers?where is it written that the hair is hers and the father can take her to a stylist if he deems fit,unless she was alone or raped in the baby making process then she has the right to have the final say as to what happens to the kid…if not she should sit her ass down…calm down and work on herself to be a better mother or role model

  114. I would like to point out he was just as guilty as her in one way, he was pushing that this was a cultural thing and it was a ‘black hair style’ but… its really just a hairstyle.

    also ‘mixed kids don’t have bangs’

    I think someone needs to just sit them both down and say “look, the kid wants bangs, the kid likes braids, just let the kid be a kid and you both shut the hell up and let her be one and stop arguing over her hair. She’s the one who has to live with it not ya’ll”

    And just to be clear… depending on the girls type of hair those braids can be good or bad for her hair, doing damage. It just depends who she got the genetics for it from. There is a lot of pressure on little girls who are mixed to forget they are mixed…

    So yeah. Let her wear a french braid, let her wear the braids and beads. Let her wear whatever the hell she wants to wear and try out different things. As far as I am concerned, while this article highlights the mother like she is the sole problem, dad is also making comments that run along the lines of that she can’t because she is mixed and calls a french braid like it has a skin color for who should wear it.

    So… while the mother was out of line… dad clearly has his own agenda as well.

    The problem I see is that neither of them is keeping in mind the kid goes between them and has to deal with the fact she is between cultures. While ‘black’ American culture isn’t what it is in Africa, or anyplace where people of darker skin are indigenous, this is a part of the culture here that sprouted from the divides, and both ‘sides’ are responsible for it. Equally. Responsible.

    Just like these two parents are equally responsible for this argument. He didn’t talk to mom, didn’t think about it, then instead of trying to understand one another they both went on the offensive.

    If she wants to wear braids, let her. If she wants bangs, so be it.

    But just to point out, certain hair types even in ‘mixed kids’, that can break her hair if left in and do damage. If she got the same quality from her mothers hair it is likely leaving it up or not sometimes leaving it down can be, in fact, very damaging to her hair.

    So… I think both parents need to sit down and talk about shit and stop blowing up the internet when they have a disagreement and stop making there stupid shit about ‘race’ and understand they have different cultural views but also, both need to consider that maybe the girl needs to learn that both are beautiful, both cultures, both ways of doing things… and also depending on what kind of hair she has it might be good or bad for her hair to be left up like that.

    It is a rather basic fact that ‘white girls’ who leave there hair up like that are gonna have broken strands and those broken strands add up. His shit about ‘mixed girls don’t have bangs’, well he needs to get over it because his daughter DOES have bangs.

    And ‘mixed’ hair isn’t one or the other. Sometimes its more one way, sometimes its more another, but the fact of the matter is dad is putting pressure to have one ‘side’ of hair style and he doesn’t seem to realize it’s the same thing mom is doing just with ‘nicer’ words. Same thing in practice.

    I can say honestly some kids have the ‘softer’ hair, some kids have the ‘wiry’ hair… and some kids have a mix between. I think what dad is really saying is ‘black little girls don’t have bangs’ because in American culture… it’s not something most people ever run into. Not unless the parents are rich or the kids MIXED. Honestly, lot’s of ‘white girls’ have wiry hair as well, its more… for whatever reason if we leave it up in something like that it is more likely for the strands to break. If you have the ‘nappy’ hair as a friend of mine calls it, ‘nappy’ because she has it, her kids have it at varying levels because she’s mixed and her kids are mixed and everyone has things a little different. One of her daughters loves wearing the braids but they still can’t stay in too long. She and one of her brothers needs the leave in conditioner. One of her older sisters doesn’t and if she tried the braids her strands would break and she’d have almost no hair on her head eventually if she kept it up.

    Really I think the fact people are detracting from the fact this is about a little girl and using it as a tool for sociopolitical arguments and focusing on angry words between adults in a situation where if you really look at it ‘white’ and ‘black’ can honestly be seen as cultural references not necessarily skin related… and where it is a common issue where when a child is mixed specifically with ‘black’ often the ‘black’ parent tries to forget the child is half ‘white’ and disregards anything about them that isn’t ‘black’. He himself is guilty of treating her like she is only half of who she is.

    Personally… I don’t think any loving parent would ever do that on purpose and both just need to sit down and have dialogue because middle ground needs had and aggravating one another for the next eighteen or so years and fighting over it isn’t going to do anything but cause issues for the daughter. At the very least don’t post arguments to the internet. She will eventually find out and it will hurt her emotionally that her mother said those things whether they were meant to do so or not and it will hurt her dad made a spectacle of it and tried to create a social example of mom.

    Dad seems to think in order to be ‘mixed girl’ she has to be ‘black’ but the thing is… she’s a kid in between cultures. She belongs to one, she belongs to both. Let her.

    If she wants bangs… let the kid have bangs. If she wants to wear the braids… let the kid wear braids but come hell or high water you better not be lying about the screaming because I can attest personally some people have sensitive scalps. My mom couldn’t so much as put my hair in a pony tail when I was a kid without me crying my eyes out. She got very good at pulling as little as possible with both brushing and putting it up very quickly.

    So… unless you want to be judged by the things you say when you are angry, especially in private, please refrain from holding it against someone else. While I have chosen a discipline to avoid saying things I don’t mean especially when angry… I am more than aware a lot of people do not and often anger blinds. I only was able because of my mother. Also, ‘nappy hair’ isn’t an exclusively ‘black’ trait. Just felt the need to point that out.

    To me there is no black and no white. I. Am. Mixed. To some people I am ‘not mixed enough’. That kid is going to go through lots and lots of crap. I might not be mixed ‘black’ but I know enough to know… no matter your skin two cultures… you either learn to balance them or you never stop fighting about it and insecurities are not a pretty thing. I was very insecure because other children deemed me ‘not mixed’ as a child and would make fun of me for being ‘white’ and a group of children even called me a nazi, saying I was ‘white’ because I was a nazi. I have Jewish heritage, specifically ones who escaped dying at the hands of nazi’s. The husband of the Jewish wife was a soldier who did not agree with the nazi regime and fled with his family after doing what he could to help others, so more people like his wife and his children would survive. I also have native American ancestry and a couple other things in there… however if I break it down and don’t look at skin ‘color’ at all I am actually a mix of many cultures who at one point still had to sit down and talk to one another for marriage or whatever to work the fuck out and raising a child is like that. Co parenting is like that.

    It is the idea that skin ‘color’ is the meaning of culture or diversity that creates problems like I had as a child and if either of them are going to help her and be there for her when things do happen, because in this world they will, then they need to both sit down, think about her, and talk the fuck about it. Talk about the impact it has on her and set aside what they like or don’t like personally to think about the kid and find a middle ground so the girl knows both cultures and knows the value of both cultures without one or the other being ostracized for the sake of the other culture.

    We are alive during a time there is tension and ‘black’ people often look for reasons. I had someone refuse to sit next to ‘the white cracker’ at the bus stop. Well excuse my freckled self. I didn’t know you could define my culture and my heritage into a ‘color bracket’ based on my appearance. So please tell me all about how my being Scottish, Irish, German, Jewish, french, Spanish, Dutch, Swedish, Native American, and French somehow effects you or in any way defines my culture. Please tell me what you know of me based on an offensive oversimplification of people based on being within a certain spectrum of pigmentation and with no regards for culture or anything else, and what that apparently tells you about my ‘culture’ and how that ‘culture’ must feel about you, you whom I didn’t say anything but ‘hello, would you like to sit down?’ to when you got up muttering about the ‘cracker’ who sat down at the bus stop next to you and how ‘crackers’ are racist… because defining someone by the ‘color’ of there skin and what that lady did… that is the racist thing to do and she was the racist because not once did she want to understand I have culture. No. All she could see was ‘white woman’. Yes I am more in touch with some of that culture more than others but… that doesn’t grant me acceptance with people who tell me I am ‘too white’, not ‘mixed enough’ with whatever they hold in higher regard. Apparently me being mixed and having elements from different cultures in MY CULTURE makes me not enough to some people and too much to others as well and that is another thing this kid is going to face as well. All ‘mixed kids’ face those issues at one point or another. And yeah, we all have the relatives who don’t want to ‘talk about’ certain parts of our heritage or try to ignore half of it or part of it… like how my grandfather knew about the native American in his side, not grandmothers but on his side, and he didn’t mention it and even flat out denied it and despite the fact it was his side with more Jewish… he also told me not to tell people about it like it was a dirty little secret. In that respect however I believe he was afraid the kkk or something might be better off thinking I was not ‘mixed’. Considering the parts of the country much of his family apparently were in while he was growing up its actually very possible that is an attitude he learned to survive and protect him and his family from being associated with being otherwise because having it known you weren’t ‘pure white’ could end up with you and your family dead, your house burned down, or a collection of other unsavory things. In some places this still happens. In just as many places the opposite is true and we have people like the ‘new black panthers’ who preach about killing ‘white babies’ and ‘Jewish babies’ and don’t care if someone ‘black’ dies for getting in the middle and taking the ‘it doesn’t matter what color our skin is’ side.

    So basically the kkk and the ‘new black panthers’ both don’t like Jews for whatever reason… at the very least I got my brother to stop using it as a slur by telling him point blank it wasn’t funny and we literally wouldn’t be here if the natzi’s had succeeded in eliminating the Jewish people. Then you have people who don’t understand you can be Jewish or have Jewish heritage, you can be ‘descended from Israel’ or from a line of people supposedly so(if you take it with a grain of salt) and not be Jewish in religion. It’s sort of confusing to explain to some people who cannot think of ‘jewish’ without the religious faith of Judaism. To be fair most of my culture comes is mixed though it’s got heavy Scottish in there… and you know what I think of racism? You didn’t care while you were fucking so deal with it(which may be part of why the English started the heavily offensive stereotype to begin with that Scottish people were ‘heathens’ and ‘vulgar’ and ‘impolite’-I am generally very polite but this is the internet and this is an issue I feel needs some words that reflect exactly how vulgar I feel it is that hair can be such an issue between two adults old enough to consent to have sex and who should damn well know better-the part I fully embrace where all the social things they enforced like where skin pigment matters and all these stupid things like that really just don’t matter. In fact ancient gaelic people depicted people with knots and intricate patterns rather than visual depictions of literal people how they appeared, skin color, what they wore.. these weren’t things they depicted. It was taboo and believed to take away from what mattered. Obviously it does too if shit like this is anything to go on. -_-

    Either you make peace with one another or the kid lives with her parents at there fucking throats so make peace. You could do it long enough to fuck so do it long enough to raise the child that came of said intercourse because whether you like one another or not you made her together. You might not like one another but you damn well better remember to love her and remember your differences are things she loves even if you don’t.

    Those are the sorts of things this kid is going to face as well. She’s going to be ‘not dark enough’ for some people, ‘not white enough’ to others and… both of these parents need to work together to make it easier on her and stop the petty bickering, because yes… arguing about hair like it’s the most important thing in the world is exceedingly petty and it’s only going to make it easier for all those fuckers to get under her skin.

    Because lots of people are going to get under her skin and judge both of you for having a bi cultural child if only because they like to create divides based on appearance.


    • All good points Luna i totally agree. I’m mixed and I have wavy White pples hair . From the pic it looking at the scalp seems like the daughter has white pple hair since its straight there. Its probably curly or wavy but not kinky coarse. I dont need grease or cornrows, would probably cause damage. Grease can damage hair that doesnt need it. When dealing with mixed hair one must look at hair texture, not just known race. And like u said, let the child choose.

  115. I think u r a very classy young man im mixxed Latino i have half Guatemalan an half PUERTO RICAN. I was blessed to learn both cultures food lifestyles. An to check this out all this time later sucks to see. Im 42 yrs old my children r mixxed with a QUEEN Black as she can b my kids know 3 cultures. It help develop who they r where there blood comes from. U keep up the good wrk young man blessings to u an your baby girl from what we see she BEAUTIFUL peace

  116. This nigga dumb as hell. How u Messing around with this white woman and not detect something is wrong??? He knew what his dumb ass was getting into and trying to expose her now only shows how stupid he is to me. [email protected]#$ em both.

  117. That silly bitch is crazy. Obviously she wanted that black dick and had the option of getting an abortion if she didn’t want to have A HALF BLACK BABY, but that she didn’t do. She needs to educate herself about the black culture and she needs to understand that her daughters hair is not 100% Caucasian, so therefore its needs to be treated differently. As for the father, I love the fact that you didn’t stoop to her level and you remained very calm and intelligent but you gotta be crazy to let that unintelligent, racist bigot, idiot of a fool ass bitch talk to you crazy to you. I’m not a racist, but that’s what the fuck you get for fucking with a white trash whore bitch. BLACK MEN PLEASE LEAVE THESE WHITE WOMEN ALONE!!!! YOU ALREADY GOT ENOUGH PROBLEMS TO FACE JUST SIMPLY AS BEING A BLACK MAN!!!!!

  118. hat silly bitch is crazy. Obviously she wanted that black dick and had the option of getting an abortion if she didn’t want to have A HALF BLACK BABY, but that she didn’t do. She needs to educate herself about the black culture and she needs to understand that her daughters hair is not 100% Caucasian, so therefore its needs to be treated differently. As for the father, I love the fact that you didn’t stoop to her level and you remained very calm and intelligent but you gotta be crazy to let that unintelligent, racist bigot, idiot of a fool ass bitch talk to you crazy to. I’m not a racist, but that’s what the fuck you get for fucking with a white trash whore bitch. BLACK MEN PLEASE LEAVE THESE WHITE WOMEN ALONE!!!! YOU ALREADY GOT ENOUGH PROBLEMS TO FACE JUST SIMPLY BEING A BLACK MAN!!!!!


  119. I’m mixed and I dont see the why its a big deal. The mom is not being racists, she is looking out for how the world will perceive her child when it comes too looks. I cant tell how many times i have been told by blacks, that I am not black. Black is more than skin color or hairstyle. Now this dude, is trying to say his very light skin daughter is black, when if he saw me on the street, he wouldnt call me that. Being black is about experience, and whether your mom is black or white. Sorry to say but the girl will simply have more opportunity if she remains a little more white, than black. People think passing is about being ashamed of your race, its not, sometimes its just economics. We all know the mom is not prejudice, she had a kid with a black man and didnt abort. But look at how america has back slid with Trump as president, the blatant racism coming out of pple, which many thought we were done with racism in the country. Maybe the mom just wants her daughter to be treated better, but obviously just isnt expressing that sentiment correctly. that’s what I see, your taking it out of context. This Dad should be ashamed of himself for publicly shaming his “baby mama”. Two wrongs dont make it right.
    We all know white pple are afraid of blacks, police more apt to draw their weapon in a traffic stop, ladies grab their purses in stores when blacks pass them. the more “black”, he makes his daughter become, the more risk for her. And while this may be sad to say, its true. The more his daughter conforms to white standards, the farther she’ll go. It’s sad to say, but its the sorry azz country we live in. I say let that girl be as white as she needs to be, to be safe in a world which has it in, for people of color. And I think thats what her mama means to say, but just isnt finding the right words.

    • Phillipa is that what your mother did to you….make you pass? Phillipa you said you were mixed, I’m not sure if you had a black or a father of color but if you did you are Bi-racial. This girl is both white and black. I people in this country negatively stereotype others causing financial, emotional and physical harm. But I say this in love…its one of the reasons why People of Color so strong, resilient and culturally rich. Don’t let anyone try to define your blackness or even your identity!

      I’m sorry your mother scared you into passing for white….im sorry you felt rejected by the Black people you encountered. She should not have allowed fear to make you conform to standards you can never achieve because you will never be White. Why? White people don’t know how it feels to grow up with the social pressure to “conform” or “pass” for White because they don’t have to think about it; its part of their privileged. A privilege you never had. Embrace your multi-ethnicity and dont let anyone define who you are!

  120. So tell me why the black guy has good grammar and spelling and has more mature responses? So who’s more educated here? ..shows who’s trashy here!

  121. First of all it is a private conversation and not for social media. However most mix kids have black features at some point in her life she’s going to look like plain and simple probably not ever going to look white at all because she has a little tone in her skin. Her mother needs to be okay with that because she is mixed. I don’t think he should have had a baby with her but the beautiful little girl is here now he’s going to have to deal with this or she may grow up confused.

  122. My comment is short and simple,racism should have been left in the first century when very few people were educated,also whoever started this Racism thing should have been buried with it by now…we need to grow up,embrace each others culture,support ourselves,love each other and care for one another be it physically or not,these silly racist remarks have to come to and end asap,we are different and unique and that makes us special, if angry, give yourself time to cool down,so you don’t hurt someones feelings,time to grow up and mature,y

  123. THIS
    Is what happens when this girl gains some self awareness. If her parents fit this pattern.
    I see many mixed race black children living without there Black father’s in hostile/indifferent all white communities. It is so prevalent in my area I decided to do some research. All I can say is at least this father is seemingly active in his child’s life.

  124. they re truly made for each other.
    ugly black style? come on , as long as the child likes it why do you even care?
    braids painful? how? i remember in kindergarten my white blonde classmates loving braids and her older sister made them for her . also the braids on this little girl s head are thick , her hair can be easily liberated

    does this mother not want the child to interact and appreciate black culture? why? she isnt back but mixed of course but does the white side have more relevance over her black side? what makes the culture of the first anyway better than the second? she should be raised in loving both white america and black america culture

    racist? i dont think it is the correct term but biased , ignorant and disrespectful???? sure

  125. He is being just as racist and making just as racist comments as she is.
    “Mixed girls don’t wear their hair with bangs.”
    in response to a french braid, “So she could look like a white girl?”

    I find it amusing that so many people are painting her as completely wrong and him a completely innocent victim who is so nice. Get it straight people this is not about race this is about hostile ex’s striking out at each other. It isn’t pretty but it happens to almost all ended relationships with kids. Trying to paint it as something you should be involved in is just self-righteous and self-important BS. Get a life people!

  126. It is so sad that we can’t put aside our differences and work together. We are all one race, the human one. Skin colour was human adaptation to the areas we lived in. The individual attacks I see posted here are the very root of the problem. Nobody wants to get along, or respect each other.

    The past is unchangeable, the present is fractured, which means the future we want is unattainable.

    Everybody has something they could protest, whether it be something large or something small. Protesting does nothing but drive people further apart. Until we look at each other the same way, and reach out our hand to help the person beside us, there will be nothing but an increase of hate and intolerance.

    We also need to respect this land we live on. The earth has a wonderful ability to heal itself, but not until we stop inflicting wounds on it. The condition of the land reflect the condition of the people. No respect for anything is on the increase. We need to teach our young people to nurture the land, respect your neighbour and their property and appreciate the gifts the land gives us. Think of that the next time you throw your cigarette butts on the ground, or your coffee cups out of your car. Even these little things show disrespect to our neighbours and our land. We have to stop fighting each other before we can tackle the bigger problems.

  127. The thing is, he is telling her she shouldn’t give their daughter ‘bangs’ because its a white girl hair style, she’s saying he shouldn’t get her cornrows because its a black girl hairstyle, am I the only one that thinks they’re both a pair of immature “parents” ignorant to one another’s cultures?? The poor kids stuck in a war zone for the sake of a hair style, cornrows may of originated in the black culture however people can wear their how how ever they damn well want, it doesn’t make you “black or white” some things she implyed were clearly of a racist nature which is completely unacceptable considering she laid down with a black man and chose to have a biracial baby so I believe she should accept that half of her and embrace it aswel as her white side… I also think he needs to do the same and they both seriously need to grow up, however, cornrows can be uncomfortable and is a massive change to any hairstyle so he should of asked her for an opinion first n maybe she wouldn’t be so annoyed, I get that!! And vice versa with any major hairstyle changes. After all she is both of their daughter, everything should be in mutual agreement, people saying she needs the baby taking off her are absolutely ridiculous, how is that even grounds to lose a child? Clearly they need some middle ground and stop hating on one another because in the end it will be their daughter that suffers!

  128. First of all, Just because she is not hitting the child it is still likely she would mental abuse or put down her child. What happens when the girl grows up and wants her hair like this and comes home? Is her mom going to tell her she doesn’t want to embrace that side of her. I’m sorry, this dad is right. He was taking care of his daughter and being kind. This women seems like a psychopath just like every other racist bigot.

  129. This is obviously about 2 people that got together had a kid, and then decided they didn’t like each other. Both “adults” were just being mean to each other at the sake of their daughter. They both made mean comments about their daughter. The dad said their daughter looked like a turkey, and a hot mess. I feel sorry for the girl cause both her parents are selfish!!

  130. it’s called abanoment, get ur friends or family to bk u up on the fact ur child has been with u from whatever date an if anyone was there when he came to u get statements take it to court.Thats a start.js

  131. Ok for one thing why do ppl post their bullshit on line ?,I just don’t get it ! Keep this between the two of you!..I can see this probably is or has alright been one nasty divorce. Please work this out between you to, the courts, lawyers love this kind of shit!.. They will keep you two fighting for years, for what ? MONEY!.. It’s gonna be a he said she said!..I should know I watched it between my son, daughter in law AND MY Granddaughter!.. They are hurting her by all of this and they either don’t know it or they just don’t care because of their hate for each other, believe me when I say your little girl sees and hears everything!!.. Your are messing her little mind up ! Wait and see when she gets older how she handles all of this if you two don’t put a stop to this now !.. And dad stop posting you are only hurting your daughter, other ppl see this and talk and their kids hear this and will take it to school !.. Remember some kids can be mean !. ..

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