Californian Market Staff Turn Midwives As Woman Gives Birth To A Baby Boy A Day After Christmas

If you ever had any doubt, concerning the saying ‘not all superheroes wear capes’, then maybe this beautiful, touching story of a still-unnamed woman, and her Samaritan, Issamar Sepulveda, will change your mind.

According to reports from Fresno news, at about 8 p.m on the evening of the day after Christmas, a baby was born in a meat store.

Kinda takes us back to the birth story of Jesus Christ who is the reason for this season of cheer, goodwill, and love, only that Christ was born in a manger.

The details of this event were shared by Isammar Sepulveda, the co-owner of said meat and grocery store, where the delivery took place.

Californian Market Staff Turn Midwives As Woman Gives Birth To A Baby Boy A Day After Christmas

On the 26th of December, at about 7:30 p.m, a pregnant woman walked in through ‘El Pania’ doors and had seemed very fine.

As quite the regular customer she is, they had let her go about her shopping, grabbing a few things here and there.

Sepulveda who co-owns the store with husband, Juan Damian, let us know that they always allow her to grab free items because she can’t always pay.

However, the evening ended very differently than expected, as it took a rather interesting turn after the woman got herself a soda drink with ice.

Walking back to the restaurant from the soda machine, the woman had suddenly thrown the soda away, as she bent over a table and started screaming

‘Oh God, I’m having my baby!’

Californian Market Staff Turn Midwives As Woman Gives Birth To A Baby Boy A Day After Christmas

Sepulveda who had been in her office at the time was quickly alerted about the commotion by her cashier, and she rushed out to help.

Acting quickly, she got all hands on deck, in persons of her employees – the cashier, butcher, and cook, and they delivered an impeccable teamwork performance, as they managed to save the day.

The baby was caught in the butcher’s apron and was held by him, as the cashier called 911, and the cook rushed to get scissors, while Sepulveda got a warm blanket for him.

Upon Sepulveda’s return, she wrapped the baby in the blanket, and proceeded to cut the umbilical cord which she described as ‘fat’ and ‘hard to cut’, but attributed it to her nervousness.

She shared, that the blankets were for her twin girls who she usually has around, in her office.

Californian Market Staff Turn Midwives As Woman Gives Birth To A Baby Boy A Day After Christmas

It wasn’t long before the efficient paramedics arrived; 3 ambulances and several firefighters and they took over things.

Sepulveda revealed that it had been a huge relief to have professionals there to help with things.

The live video released on Facebook and the store’s surveillance video, shows the baby being loaded onto a gurney as they took both mother and child away in different ambulances.

A little before then, Sepulveda had asked her cashier to go get a nasal respirator for the baby, from her house just across the store, as her husband and kids were home.

Describing her quick actions, Sepulveda had said,

‘Since you are a mom, I guess it’s like instincts’.

Californian Market Staff Turn Midwives As Woman Gives Birth To A Baby Boy A Day After Christmas

A subsequent visit to the mother and child revealed that the bouncing baby boy was named Toby and he weighed a whole 7 pounds and 16 ounces.

Well, looks like Sepulveda was right when she described the cute little baby as ‘chubby and heavy’.

Their midwifery skills must have undoubtedly, been top notch, as even in the quite unpleasant condition, the baby had cried out loud, and had looked good and healthy, after birth.

Sharing her experience on Facebook, Sepulveda wrote,

‘We all lived moments of chaos. I was so nervous…’

Well, who wouldn’t be?

According to reports from USAToday, the store owner turned midwife, has since started a GoFundme account for the new mother and her baby boy.

They have also been getting very positive feedback, as people applaud Sepulveda for her kindness and several more indicate their willingness to help in any way possible.

Customers have even started donating a few baby items such as wipes, shirts, and pants.

Regarding the baby’s Father, Sepulveda discloses that she knows nothing about him, but there was a time when the mother used to visit the store with a particular man but has lately, been seen alone.

This had led her to believe that the woman has no one to help, hence prompting her to open the GoFundme account.

She also shared that her one of her employees’ daughter, has declared a genuine interest in adopting the child (if it ever came to that), as she doesn’t have a child of her own.

We can only imagine what a day it must have been for everyone who had been a witness to the event, and Sepulveda had let us know, that it was a first for the store.

Her wonderful employees had done a good job of cleaning up the place, but firefighters still evacuated the store, as they did another thorough cleaning with bleaches and towels.

This happened in ‘El Panian’ Neighborhood market, Southeast, Fresno and it pleases us to inform you, that both mother and child are doing perfectly well.

Sepulveda and employees, undoubtedly have our votes for Super squad of the year.

Written by Evelyn Smith

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