Who Is Michael Portillo’s Wife Carolyn Eadie, Are They Still Married?

Michael Portillo

Michael Denzil Xavier Portillo, popularly known as Michael Portillo is a well known TV personality. He is a British journalist and  broadcaster who’s also a  former Member of Parliament (Conservative Politician).

Carolyn Eadie wife of Michael Portillo on the other hand is a very successful businesswoman who is the CEO and founder of a  recruitment consulting firm that’s based in London.

Michael Portillo’s professional life has been one for the talks. His charismatic presence on-screen and his thoughts and insights on political affairs would capture any viewer’s attention. Not to take anything away from his professional life, his personal life has always sparked  curiosity on many occasions, particularly his marriage with Carolyn Eadie.

The Early Life and Career of Michael Portillo

Who Is Michael Portillo's Wife Carolyn Eadie, Are They Still Married?

Before getting into the life of  Carolyn Eadie, it’s crucial to understand the background of Michael Portillo. Born on May 26, 1953, in Bushey, Hertfordshire, Portillo grew up in a heavily influenced and politically active household. His father, Luis Gabriel Portillo, was a Spanish immigrant who became a successful businessman in the UK.

Portillo completed his schooling in Harrow County Grammar School and later studied at Peterhouse, Cambridge, where he joined the Cambridge University Conservative Association. After fully completing his education, Portillo quickly rose through the ranks of the Conservative Party, becoming a very prominent figure in British politics.

Throughout his career, that is before he got into mainstream media, he held various elite positions in the ministry which includes the Secretary of State for Employment and Secretary of State for Defence.

However, his most notable role came as a television presenter, where he gained fame for his documentary series, “Great British Railway Journeys.”

The Early Life and Career of Carolyn Eadie

While Michael Portillo’s personal and professional life has been extensively covered, Carolyn Eadie, his wife has managed to keep her life private and out of the public’s eye. Born on June 1, 1953, in Scotland, Eadie grew up in a modest household. She completed her education in Edinburgh, where she developed a keen interest in social welfare and started volunteering to  support charitable causes and community development. 

After completing her education, Eadie began working in the nonprofit sector, focusing on initiatives and projects that aimed to improve the lives of disadvantaged individuals and communities. Her dedication and passion for social welfare and her political insights played a significant role that caught the attention of Michael Portillo.

Back Story

Michael Portillo and Carolyn Eadie were friends before they got married. They first met at a school party in the mid 70’s and became friends. With time the friendship evolved and turned to something more beautiful- love.
They joined hands and exchanged vows on 12th February 1982. It’s said that they had a small wedding in London with just their intimate circle which included their close family and friends.

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Married Life

Michael Portillo and Carolyn Eadie have been happily married for about 4 decades now. The foundation on what their marriage stood was set strong and right from the very beginning. Their mutual love for politics and immense love towards one another. Their presence in each other’s lives, through thick and thin only deepened and strengthened their bond as a couple.

Their marriage had its ups and downs. Michael Portillo being the public figure that he is, attracts attention to his wife Carolyn Eadie. All the information about Carolyn Eadie before her marriage has yet to be discovered apart from the basics like her career, nationality, religion… .Carolyn Eadie

Carolyn Eadie was diagnosed with breast cancer 2 years into their marriage. In the course of treatment she had mastectomy ( breast cancer surgery that removes the entire breast.) that ruled out the chances of them becoming biological parents. This did not hamper their love for one another, it has only further flourished through the years and counting.

Are Michael Portillo and Carolyn Eadie Still Married

Who Is Michael Portillo's Wife Carolyn Eadie, Are They Still Married?

As of now, Michael Portillo and Carolyn Eadie are still married. Their unbreakable love and commitment to each other have stood the test of time. It is to no one’s surprise that they have faced challenges along the way, but it’s true that their bond remains unbroken.

Despite being the face and talk in the media, the couple have continued to maintain a private life away from the eyes of the media. They cherish their time together and prioritize their relationship above all else. Their enduring love story serves as an inspiration for many.

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Career Summary

It’s a very common approach that TV personalities or artists in general take post a certain time in the industries, i.e getting into politics. Michael Portillo is one such person who pursued things out of the normal. He first got into politics when he joined the Conservative Research Department in 1976. Throughout his political career, Carolyn Eadie stood by him through every step. Carolyn’s unwavering support and her political insights played a significant role in his political success.

After leaving politics in 2005, Michael Portillo embarked on a successful career as a television presenter and broadcaster. In 1998, he had his first foray broadcasting when he appeared on Channel 4 for three-60 mins long programmes that talked about the shift and change in  social and political scene in Britain. From 2002 , he developed an active career in media, as a commentator on public affairs, a writer, a presenter on television and radio documentaries. After an amazing career in the media, Portillo was canceled in the year 2019. On the brighter side he still hosts podcasts on radio, a Friday evening programme on politics, culture and history.


Michael Portillo and Carolyn Eadie have managed to maintain a loving relationship in a world where relationships often face scrutiny from all the  public attention. Their journey together, from their youthful days to their life beyond politics, is one to remember and and take notes. While their private life and current marital status may be kept under complete privacy, their love story is an inspiration to one and all.

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