Coco’s Dream Is Over! 15-Year-Old Gauff Is Out Of Wimbledon 

Coco Gauff

Coco Gauff’s magical Grand Slam debut sadly ended today.

The teenage tennis sensation went out after losing to a former world number one.

Gauff lost to Simona Halep on Court 1 in two sets, both 6-3, as her mother Candi and father Corey Gauff watched on from the stands.

The 15-year-old was seen suffering from severe stomach cramps.

Coco's Dream Is Over! 15-Year-Old Gauff Is Out Of Wimbledon 

During her second set, a doctor came onto Court 1 to help the distressed young woman.

According to BBC Sport, the doctor could be seen passing Coco a pill. He reportedly told her: “Put this between your lip and your gum, don’t swallow it.”

Despite her loss, Coco has gained a legion of fans since the start of Wimbledon. She ranked 313 in the world at the start of the tournament in London.

But the rising tennis star got to the last 16 by beating her idol Venus Williams. She then wowed fans by fighting back from the brink of defeat Polona Hercog on Friday.

Coco's Dream Is Over! 15-Year-Old Gauff Is Out Of Wimbledon 

She is guaranteed prize money of at least $220,000- tripling her career earnings.

She is set to be a millionaire at 16, having signed to Roger Federer’s Team8 agency. Gauff has already landed sponsorship deals with sports brands Head and New Balance.

Experts say she has the potential to become the highest paid female athlete of all time.

If she ends up winning Grand Slam tournaments she could see her earning potential go up to £100million a year.

Coco's Dream Is Over! 15-Year-Old Gauff Is Out Of Wimbledon 

In the meantime Gauff will have plenty of encouragement from her new celebrity admirers including former First Lady Michelle Obama, rap star Snoop Dogg and singer superstar Beyonce. 

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