Cultivating Marijuana in Missouri: What you need to know

Marijuana in Missouri

Do you reside in Missouri and are thinking of cultivating your own marijuana? Luckily for you, that’s now possible! 

In this article, we’ll discuss in-depth the policies regarding marijuana in Missouri and how you can lawfully cultivate the plant yourself. So please be sure to read on. 

Missouri Marijuana Laws

Missouri saw its first reform in marijuana laws in 2014, where legislation approved to decriminalize possession of up to 10 grams of marijuana or less. 

Moving forward into 2018, residents of Missouri voted to pass Amendment 2, which established a medical marijuana program and allowed qualified patients to purchase marijuana and grow up to 6 plants in a household. 

Medicinal Marijuana Card

Before you can begin cultivating the plant, you must qualify as a patient who needs it for treatment. To do this, you must first consult with a Missouri medical marijuana doctor. They will assess your medical condition and determine whether cannabis would benefit you. If you are deemed eligible, you must register as a marijuana patient with the state. You will be issued an ID card that allows you to purchase and possess marijuana for medicinal purposes. 

Cultivation Approval

When consulting with your doctor, they can also approve you for cultivating marijuana yourself. You must also register with the state to get full approval. You will be issued another card, as well as documentation that you must display on your property to show that you are legally able to cultivate marijuana. 

Both your cultivation card and your medicinal marijuana card expire after 12 months. It would help if you renewed them every year, or else you will not legally possess, use, and cultivate cannabis. If you are growing marijuana, you must do so in an appropriate location. Your plants cannot be visible from the outside of the building, and you must have secured locks at all times. When you apply for your cultivation card, you must also provide information on your location and how you plan to protect your plants.

Plant Limits

Getting approval to cultivate your marijuana does not mean that you can grow as much as you want. There are strict limits on the amounts you can grow. If you qualify for cultivation, you can have six currently flowering plants and six plants that are not presently flowering. You may also have six plants under 14 inches tall simultaneously. If another person in your household qualifies, you can double those amounts, and they can be in the same shared space. 

Where Can You Cultivate Marijuana?

You must grow your plants at the address you provided in your application. If you move, you must obtain new approval. The location must be secured and have appropriate security measures in place. Otherwise, you can cultivate marijuana anywhere other than federal property. If you rent your home, it is always good to check with your landlord or the property owner to get their permission. While it is legal, property owners can set their own rules on whether they want it grown in their buildings. They cannot discriminate against you because of your medical condition, but they could still prevent you from growing. 

As you can see, cultivating marijuana in Missouri is not as simple as buying some seeds and planting them. To do it legally, you must have the proper approvals in place. Ensure that you take all of the necessary steps to get the treatment and relief you need from your cultivated cannabis.

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