Divorced Dad Proposes to Ex-Wife in Sweet Video

They say that true love is undying and everlasting.

Well, a couple from Ohio might just have proved that after finding love with each other again some four years after divorcing each other.

A video of a fifty-two-year-old registered nurse proposing to his ex-wife Lorrie who is fifty-one is currently trending on the internet.

The intriguing couple had been married for over twenty-five years before they split up with each other in 2014 due to supposedly irreconcilable differences.

Divorced Dad Proposes to Ex-Wife in Sweet Video

Four years after their divorce, the couple went on to different paths before finding love with each other again after Jeffery Agan Sr. proposed to his ex-wife in front of his kids and grandkids during the Christmas holiday.

The footage of the heartwarming incidence which has gotten millions of views on the internet was captured by Jeffery Jr, one of Jeffrey Sr’s children.

The footage opens with the family exchanging gifts before things got dreamy when Jeffery Sr. got on one knee while giving Lorrie his present.

In the video, Jeff’s mother is opening a present and asks if her gift is pizza, but to her delight, she finds a message in a frame.

His mother read the beautiful poem his father wrote to her out loud before she bursts into tears,

‘The love we have burns anew. Our love was there, it never left,  And both of us felt lost, bereft. Fate intervened for me and you. Our love caught fire and burns anew. So now I ask you, Lorrie, once again…’

At this point, a nervous Jeffery Sr. was kneeling with a jewelry box with an engagement ring outstretched to the love of his life in front of their eight kids and seven grand kids in his Bowling Green, Ohio, living room.

After splitting up with each other in 2014, the couple took different paths to get to this point.

For Lorrie, that meant a spiritual path that included a visit to a Native American sweat lodge.

Her husband Jeffrey on the other hand who was a former truck driver went back to school for a nursing degree, and discovered poetry as an outlet for some personal mental health issues he wanted to tackle.

Jeffrey Sr. could not have known while he was proposing that the video would go viral in hours, he didn’t even know that his son was recording the proposal.

Divorced Dad Proposes to Ex-Wife in Sweet Video

While speaking to People by phone, Jeffery Sr said,

‘I was incredibly nervous, more so than I would have expected. I was thankful I had the poem to speak for me so I didn’t have to say too much’.

No one is as joyous as Jeffery Jr. over the rekindling of his parent’s marriage as when they initially started talking earlier this year, he was scared that it wouldn’t last.

‘Our family was torn apart for a long time.I think it’s because they both took the opportunity to work on themselves and find themselves on their own path’.

He further continued,

‘Initially, I was terrified.But every ounce of doubt and fear went away when I read what was going on in the room (on Friday morning). As soon as he had her placed in the middle of the room, I knew something was up’.

The Bowling Green State University student has since launched a GoFundMe campaign to help make his parents’ second wedding even more special.

He’s already reached his $2,000 goal, mostly from strangers inspired by his family’s story.

What a truly awe-inspiring scenario.

Written by Evelyn Smith

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