Give Your Bachelor Friend a Memorable Send-Off with These Stag Do Ideas

Give Your Bachelor Friend a Memorable Send-Off with These Stag Do Ideas

Getting married is a big decision, often accompanied by jittery feelings. 

If one of your friends is getting married, he may be going through similar emotions, but not everyone opens up about how they feel. As his best friend, it’s your responsibility to make sure your friend doesn’t get cold feet or be upset about leaving bachelor days behind. That’s the reason why bachelor parties exist.

A bachelor party or Stag Do can be a perfect distraction and a great excuse to indulge in debauchery and other wild adventures. If your friend loves to be outdoors, these Stag Do ideas are going to sweep him off his feet. 

#1 Go Bar Hopping

Every bachelor party begins and ends with booze, so bar hopping is a great place to start. Spare out an evening at least two days before the Big Day for bar-hopping with friends. If you are planning a destination bachelor party, make sure you already know where the local bars are so that you don’t have to waste time looking around after you have arrived.

The best thing about bar hopping is that you get to experience different types of drinks and environments and see new faces as you go. If you are planning to get hammered, make sure you have arranged an appointment the next day with Reset IV for NAD IV Therapy so that everyone is ready for the adventurous day ahead.

Now, this is where the real adventure starts…

#2 Go Carting

Who doesn’t like the thrill of racing? The whole group can hit the track at once and race against each other to see who’s the best driver. Perhaps, give the groom-to-be a bit of a head start so that he can enjoy the ride without crashing into other carts.

#3 Paintballing

Paintballing is fun when you are watching others play from a distance. But as you step your foot in the field, that’s when the adrenaline kicks in. You can either split up and play against each other or group together to take on stranger opponents. Either way, it’s going to be an exhilarating experience for everyone.

#4 Surfing

A beachside bachelor party gets even better with watersports. Take the whole squad surfing and ride the waves like there’s no tomorrow. Surfing can be difficult for beginners, but who said it has to be smooth and perfect? 

#5 Quad Bike

If you aren’t afraid to get a little dirt on your clothes, then a quad bike adventure is perfect for you. You can find a quad bike arena in every major city. Even if it’s on the outskirts, it’ll be worth driving all the way down to it. The purpose-built track will take you through twists and bends to slush and streams and even natural trails. 

#6  Downhill Biking

You can rent bikes and start your adventure right away. To spice it up, you can race against the clock and see who gets to the base the fastest. The winner gets to pop a bottle of champagne. 

Downhill biking is a risky sport, but where’s the fun in playing safe? However, the riders can ride at their own pace to avoid serious accidents.

#7 Bubble Soccer

We all love soccer, but it’s a bit boring for a bachelor party. So, here’s a little twist – Bubble Soccer. The rules will be the same, except that each player will be half-encased (from the waist up) inside an inflated torus bubble. With Bubble Soccer, jostling becomes fun and painless. You can even run into someone and tip them over without hurting them. 


Some of these bachelor party ideas are fun while the others are downright adventurous. Any combination of these activities will definitely crown you with the ‘coolest friend ever’ title and give the groom-to-be a memorable send-off into married life.

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