Man’s Perfect Response To Racist Woman At Airport Goes Viral

In industry circles, Emmit Walker is a much loved music executive.

On Tuesday, Walker was on his way to the Dominican Republic to celebrate his 37th birthday.

But as he was boarding his first class flight at the Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport in DC, a white woman tried to cut it front of him. 

The woman didn’t believe Walker was a priority passenger.

Man’s Perfect Response To Racist Woman At Airport Goes Viral

Walker posted the interaction he had with the woman along with her photo.

According to Walker’s Facebook post, the exchange with the woman went like this: 

‘Her: excuse me I believe you may be in the wrong place you need to let us thru. This line is for priority boarding.’

‘Me: priority meaning first class correct?’

‘Her: Yes…now excuse me they will call y’all after we board.’

‘Me: *shove first class priority boarding pass in her face* you can relax ma’am I’m in the right spot, been here longer, so you can board after me.’

Man’s Perfect Response To Racist Woman At Airport Goes Viral

‘Her: *still won’t let It go* he must be military or something, but we paid for our seats so he still should have to wait.’

‘Me: nope to big to ever be in anybodies military. I’m just a n**** with money.’

‘Everybody waiting in line: starts to clap.’

After Walker posted the interaction online it quickly went viral.

But showing what a true gentleman he is, Walker apologized to HER for putting the unidentified woman’s face out there.

He wrote: ‘When I posted that post on Facebook i didn’t expect all that to come from it. I can honestly name the four or five people i thought would comment with something funny, and that will be it. This racist stuff is definitely a issue but this is not the solution to that issue.’

Man’s Perfect Response To Racist Woman At Airport Goes Viral

He earnestly adds, ‘It brings me no joy waking up in paradise to for my 37 bday and knowing that woman might be going threw hell.’

‘The story was definitely real, just like this issue is definitely real, but I now know that I myself should of handled it another way, or left it how it was, and not shared it publicly.’

‘When dealing with people i always try to stay on the side of Right, so to make sure I never do anybody wrong, I try to always put myself in that persons shoes, and ask how would I feel if that person did this to me, and if I was her this morning I would be a total wreak today.’

Man’s Perfect Response To Racist Woman At Airport Goes Viral

He went on to add: ‘That doesn’t help this situation, or her…it only makes them more angry, and bring more drama…SO I WOULD LIKE TO APOLOGIZE AGAIN TO THE WOMAN I HAD THIS ENCOUNTER WITH YESTERDAY. NO MATTER HOW WRONG YOUR ACTIONS YOU DON’T DESERVE THIS.’ 

He tagged several people in the post and concluded with: ‘I BELIEVE IF YOU CAN’T HELP NOBODY AT THE VERY LEAST YOU SHOULD NEVER DO ANYTHING TO HURT THEM.’

A lot of people who posted under his apology to the woman, said he had nothing to apologize for.

But kindhearted Walker said all the people he tagged on Instagram were his biggest followers and was hoping that he could make his apology go viral as well. 

Written by Christine Haveford

Christine loves all things cinema, and she's been that way ever since she was a little girl. In fact, she is so passionate about cinema that she decided to pursue cinematography as a full-time career, and is now pursuing film studies at the New York Film School. Originally from Florida, she is still exploring the new city, people, places, and the culture, loves the new weather, going ice skating during winters, and spending time with her fellow classmates and friends from college.

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