Million-To-One Black And White Twins Prepare To Start High School

Parents across the country are preparing to send their little darlings to school after a busy summer.

And it is no different for proud mom Amanda Biggs. She is the mother of a million-to-one black and white twins. 

Marcia and Millie Biggs, both 11, from Highgate, Birmingham, looked almost identical when they were first born in July 2006.

But as they grew into beautiful young ladies their differences became more apparent. Millie started to become darker-skinned, while blue-eyed Marcia took on a more lighter complexion, growing blonde, curly hair.

Amanda says she has even had to reach out to her daughters high school and confirm that her girls are twins after they refused to believe them.

Million-To-One Black And White Twins Prepare To Start High School

Mom Amanda, 46, had to confirm to King Solomon International Business School in Aston, Birmingham, where her twins start secondary school on Thursday, that they are actually twins.

‘It does get a bit irritating sometimes, when you have people stopping you in the street all the time,’ Amanda said.

‘But then I remember how beautiful they are and how lucky I am to have them, and the irritation goes away.’

‘There were a few teachers who didn’t believe they were twins at first, but as they got to know them, they saw how similar they were.’

Million-To-One Black And White Twins Prepare To Start High School

‘They do absolutely everything together, and they’re always making videos of themselves singing and dancing together.’

‘When they were younger, Millie was always quite shy, but as she’s grown up she’s become a real bossy-boots.’

‘She’s very organised and in control, and is often telling Marcia what do.’

‘Other than the differences in skin tone, they look almost exactly the same.. They are both absolutely beautiful, and they make me proud everyday.’

Million-To-One Black And White Twins Prepare To Start High School

Meanwhile the girls father Michael said: ‘When they were born, they were almost identical.’

‘Within a few months, the changes started to happen. Millie started to suddenly get darker, and we thought that the same would happen to Marcia.’

Million-To-One Black And White Twins Prepare To Start High School

‘The tops of her fingers and her ears started to get darker, which we thought would be a sign of what was to come, but in the end she just stayed the same.’

We never worried about it, though, we just accepted it. I thought to myself: ‘No problem – one black, one white.’

‘Regardless of the colour difference, people are able to tell that they’re twins because their features are so similar.’

‘They’ve both got my nose, and I think often that’s how people work it out. They get along so well with one another, they really do.’

Million-To-One Black And White Twins Prepare To Start High School

‘They’re always switching personalities – one moment one is quiet and the other is doing a lot of the talking, then after a few months or a year or so they switch back.

‘It’s like one takes a break and the other takes over.’

Millie said: ‘I am excited to start secondary school. I think that it’s going to be fun to meet some new people and make lots of friends.

‘My favourite lesson is Maths. It makes me laugh a lot when people don’t believe that we’re twins.’

Marcia added: ‘It’s going to be fun to go to a new school. The bit I’m most excited about is going to the lessons.

‘My best friend is Millie, because she’s always been there.’

Written by Christine Haveford

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