Does Paula Newsome Have a Disability? Know The Truth

Paula Newsome American actress

Paula Newsome is an American actress best known for her roles in Spider-Man: No Way Home, CSI: Vegas, and Barry. She is a talented performer whose career has seen her play a variety of roles interesting and unique roles.

Does Paula Newsome Have a Disability? Know The Truth

Aside from her impressive resume and career, many fans have noticed that Paula Newsome walks with a slight limp. This has led to a lot of speculation about her physical appearance and health, with many asking if she has a disability.

In this article, we’ll answer this question in detail. Let’s dive in.

Does Paula Newsome Really Have a Disability?

The quick answer is that we don’t actually know if Paula Newsome has a disability or not. This is because Newsome herself has never publicly commented on her limp, nor has she spoken about having a chronic condition or disability that causes her to walk in a specific manner.

Though Newsome walks with a limp, we don’t know if it was an on-set injury that caused it or an illness of some sort.

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How Did the Rumors About Paula Newsome’s Disability Spread?

Since Newsome has never commented publicly on this rumor or acknowledged it at all, many have wondered about where it started.

After doing a ton of research, we discovered that this rumor first appeared in a fan’s post on X, formerly known as Twitter. The fan stated that they noticed Newsome walking with what appeared to be a limp and speculated that perhaps she was diagnosed with arthritis. The fan also noticed that Newsome’s walk indicated that she had some kind of hip injury or pain, leading them to conclude that arthritis seemed the most likely diagnosis. 

Still, this information was never acknowledged, corrected, or denied by Newsome or anyone from her publicity team. Therefore, it is most likely a false statement. 

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Does Paula Newsome Have an Illness Causing a Limp?

Does Paula Newsome Have a Disability? Know The Truth

No, Paula Newsome does not have an illness that we know of. Some of Newsome’s fans suspected that she might have been diagnosed with MS or multiple sclerosis. MS is a neurological illness that can affect anyone, and its prognosis is generally less than positive. 

Fans have also speculated that Newsome had a stroke that caused her to limp, but this piece of information is not a fact and has arisen out of speculation. Strokes often cause people to lose function in certain areas of the body, with the legs being one of those main areas. 

However, as we said earlier, Newsome has not publicly commented on any diagnosis

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After fans noticed Paula Newsome walking with what appeared to be a limp, there has been a lot of speculation and false information floating around the internet about the nature of her perceived illness. Having said that, Newsome has not made a statement or answered any questions about her health in interviews or online, so it’s safe to say that she does not want to talk about her limp, and may not have one at all! 

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