Piers Morgan Narrowly Saved from Cancer by Eagle-eyed ‘Serial Killer’ Viewer

The 52-year-old’s life was saved by a keenly observant viewer who noticed something unusual about his appearance and urged him to seek medical advice.

Piers Morgan is definitely one of those celebrities that have made the year 2017 worthwhile.

He’s one of those celebrities whose opinion on pressing issues in the world holds a stake in the hearts of everyone.

With his sarcastic, blunt but very realistic comments and opinions on worldwide issues of politics, sports, and terrorism, Morgan has managed to not only stay on top of his Journalism game, he’s also won the hearts of many.

Piers Stefan Pughe-Morgan is a British Journalist and television personality who currently works as a presenter on the Good Morning Britain show and as the editorial director of First News.

In his journey up the ladder of Journalism, Piers has made both friends and enemies alike as he shows no care in the world for the statement he utters.

Not only are his words daring but his ideas and innovations break bounds that the world has never experienced.

Piers began his career in journalism in Fleet Street as a writer and editor for several tabloid papers including ‘The Sun’ and ‘Daily Mirror’.

At 29, he became the youngest editor of a British national newspaper in more than half of a century.

Morgan has hosted several shows on television which include, Piers Morgan Live on CNN, Piers Morgan’s Life Stories, and many others.

Piers has written eight books of which four are memoirs.

Recently Morgan began hosting a serial killer documentary on ITV where he gets to interact with serial killers concerning their crimes on television.

He gets to talk with the serial killer, their family, and close ones as well as the victims and their families.

Well, an audience of this show has saved Morgan from cancer.

Morgan explained recently, that he was saved from a near encounter with cancer by a viewer of this show.

It happened on an episode of the show with convicted killer Mark Riebe, where Morgan consistently taunted the 56-year-old convict for his crimes against women.

Mark was convicted of the murder of pregnant mother Donna Callahan but a year into his sentence, he began to confess to his other kills.

On this particular episode, Piers was in an open neck shirt, drilling the life out of Mark.

According to Piers, he got an email from Gillian Nuttall, founder of Melanoma UK, in which she advised him to get medical help concerning a blemish on his chest.

He said Gillian wrote to him saying: ‘Piers, at the risk of sounding like a lunatic, I’m watching your programme and there’s a blemish on your chest. Have you had it checked?’

Morgan who never jokes with his health immediately visited a top dermatologist, who then cut out the blemish.

Piers said the doctor told him that the mark could have turned cancerous if it was left unattended.

Gillian, on the other hand, said while she was watching the show, she noticed the spot on Morgan’s chest and decided that ‘a quick shove in the right direction won’t harm’.

Morgan was grateful to Gillian saying she deserved a gold star.

As we know, Morgan’s comments can never be complete without humor being involved as he went to joke about being saved by a serial killer.

He said:

‘Oh the irony of a serial killer inadvertently helping save my life’

About the serial killer documentary, Piers confessed to being consumed by it all.

He disclosed that he gets very involved with the convicts and those around them but it consumes all of you.

He also went ahead to describe his interview with Mark Riebe as the most difficult interview he’s ever had in his career.

Written by Evelyn Smith

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