Property Investment Advice for the UK Property Market

Finding good advice when it comes to investing in real estate property market in the UK can be hard to find, because you often find conflicting options from various people. The truth is that there is plenty of advice out there that’s completely knowledgeable and informative so you can get the most returns. That’s what we’re going to give you in this article, because now’s the time to start investing with a UK Property Investment Company.

Know the Type of Property You’re Buying

There are various asset classes to consider when you’re buying in various areas in the UK. From what they call “Buy to Let”, Student Accommodation, and even Hotel investments.

Buy to let investments is basically buying a property that you plan on renting out to generate income for yourself. You can normally put down about twenty percent of the value and make the bank pay the rest with a loan, then have your renters cover it for you until you completely own it, then generate continuous income.

Student accommodation investments is basically the same as buy to let, but it can provide you even higher yields when you buy a property near a university for students to live in. For example, you can buy a student residence in Liverpool for a little more than sixty-nine thousand pounds, and then turn around and continuously rent it out for a decent rent option that students can rent from you. This actually is a great way to generate income as well. If you have furnished rooms, you can easily charge more than a thousand per month and generate even more return.

Hotel investments is also a great way to generate income, and it’s kind of out of your hands as well. You basically buy a room from a hotel, you reap the profits, and the hotel keeps their percentage. Cottages count as this as well, and you can buy them and basically rent them out as homes on a nightly basis for a great amount of returns.

Think about it like this, if you charge two hundred pounds per night for a luxury cottage, and you rent it out for thirty days, but you only bought the cottage for just over 115,000 pounds, you are going to get it paid off in less than two years (if you got a loan for it). If you charge per holiday at higher rates, then this shortens your time too, especially when it comes to tourist attractions like in South Wales famous Afan Valley.


You’re going to need an income property investment company when it comes to getting the most return on your investment (called ROI for short). Not only that, you also want a company that can give you the right consultation so that whatever market you’re looking for, you can generally get the best reward out of your decision to purchase some prime real estate in London. That company that you’re looking for is Thirlmere Deacon, and they have more experience, and a positive mission that can help you find the right property by offering the best consultation possible.

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