Staffing For Fulfillment And Distribution Businesses

Staffing For Fulfillment And Distribution Businesses

Warehouse fulfillment and delivery are critical components of an eCommerce company’s supply chain. Managing such tasks alone will slow down the business process, resulting in low productivity. The majority of eCommerce company owners hire third-party staff to oversee each step of the supply chain, including distribution and value chain management. In such a business environment, several operations centered on fulfillment and delivery are executed, such as inbound freight entries and outbound freight en route to fulfill customers’ orders. Such businesses require a full range of warehouse services, including distribution processes, such as packaging and delivery. You can hire staff for fulfillment and distribution businesses via Upshift.

The Importance of Third-Party Staffing for an eCommerce Business

An eCommerce enterprise that provides business to business (B2B) or business to consumer (B2C) delivery and fulfillment needs an additional pair of hands, which improves the supply chain’s efficiency and lowers costs. It giveorganizations a versatile hiring platform, particularly when the third party employees are familiar with the company’s work process, culture, and organizational requirements. Staffing scalability is essential to oversee an eCommerce business operation and here is why.

Many eCom businesses experience high volatility in the fulfillment and distribution of customer’s orders. Factors, such as seasonal and economic changes influence market demand, which makes it challenging to identify the number of resources required to cater to those unforeseen requirements. As such, traditional staffing may not be effective in managing the constriction and expansion of such business needs. On the other hand, on-demand staffing offers flexibility in such a way that the eCommerce company can handle customers’ orders during on-peak and off-peak seasons.

With the advent of the novel Coronavirus (nCoV), responsible for the COVID-19, the eCommerce world has witnessed an increase in domestic and industrial demands. The restriction in movement and social distancing has made more customers gravitate more towards online business transactions, including shopping. As such, fulfillment and distribution of orders is taking an increased upturn. According to Dodge Data & Analytics, the warehousing industry witnessed a 6% increase in 2020, with an additional projected 8% increase expected to take place in 2021.

With more demands come more scalable staffing requirements, which eCommerce business owners cannot ignore.

Areas Third-Party Staffing Can Cater to for eCom Businesses

An eCommerce business owner with a warehouse fulfillment requirement needs to contact a third-party staffing company to decide what approach is best applicable. The amount of freight handled in the fulfillment warehouse determines the robustness of the service rendered. When inbound freight arrives from a company that has contracted to use the fulfillment warehouse of the eCom business owner, an order may have already been made for it.

The role of the warehouse staffing team is to ensure quick dislodgement and organization of the goods from the inbound freight for outbound shipping to fulfill customers’ orders. As discussed before, traditional staffing may not be flexible enough to handle the inconsistencies associated with such processes, as the company may be understaffed or overstaffed at some points. Coupled with that factor, the fulfillment and distribution process are notoriously prone to unpredictability. Hence, it requires close management and monitoring to prevent mix-ups. Traditional staffing may not offer the technology and experience required to ensure a smooth supply chain.

A third-party staffing company experienced in the field of fulfillment and distribution may provide services in the following areas:

  • Kitting Services
  • 3PL Warehouse
  • Retail Fulfillment
  • Pick and Pack Fulfillment
  • Reverse Logistics Services (Returns)
  • Expiring Product Fulfillment (Throughput)

Upshift Providing Staffing for eCommerce Businesses with Fulfillment and Distribution Requirements

When it comes to fulfillment and distribution staffing, Upshift leads the pack. Here, eCommerce businesses can find the ideal staff to cater to any aspect of the supply chain. This service comes with the following perks – smooth on-demand hiring process, high-quality professionalism, full staffing predictability, and transparent pricing. Upshift’s W2 staffing platform provides scalability to meet various small, mid, and large-scale warehousing needs. Each Upshifter has undergone a full-scale vetting system that makes them fit for the job. They include the following:

  • Pickers
  • Packers
  • Janitors
  • Assemblers
  • Equipment operators
  • General labor specialists
  • Customer service workers

What Makes Upshift More Efficient Compared to The Traditional Staffing Providers?

While the traditional industry has a success rate under 50%, Upshift takes it up to 95.6%, making it an ideal place for workers to thrive and render optimum services. Hence, eCommerce companies can trust their hires to deliver their best in fulfillment and distribution of customers’ orders. Here is how the recruitment and screening process works:

  • Upshift advertises digitally in a number of unique ways.
  • The applicants undergo a strict vetting process. In actuality, only 12% of these individuals become Upshifters.
  • A review system and three-strike disciplinary policy are in place to ensure that those hired comply with high working standards.
  • Specific systems are in place to ensure that hired workers stay motivated to get the job done satisfactorily.

For eCommerce looking for full-time workers to handle fulfillment and distribution, Upshift is the go-to staffing service provider.

Steps to Hiring Staff Using Upshift Platform

Hiring staff for various warehousing operations is a walk in the park, especially when using a reliable staffing agency, such as Upshift. Such professionals can range from pickers to janitors and can work with any schedule provided by the business owner. Here are the four simple steps entailed in the hiring process:

  • Describe and post the required job in details, including the shift and hourly rates
  • Run through applicants’ profiles, including ratings and past work experiences, to select the bestUpshifter
  • Upshifters clock in and out, and you receive one invoice per week for the prior week’s work.
  • Upshift handles the HR

Pricing for Upshift Staff Hiring

The hiring cost on Upshift can be 50% less expensive than the traditional staffing agency fees. The eCom business owner decides the pay rate. Interestingly, there is no set-up cost. Likewise, companies do not have to worry about ongoing or monthly fees. For full-time hires, the employer pays a percentage of the outstanding markup.

The Bottom Line

Running an eCommerce business has its upsides and challenges. For the latter, the workforce may be one of the problems an eCom business owner will face. However, a trusted and reliable staffing agency can bridge this gap by providing scalable staffing to cater to several industrial and market demands.

Written by George K.

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