Tips to Improve your Photography without upgrading Camera

Are you feeling that you are getting bad photos since you have a lousy camera? In 90 percent of the case, it is due to incorrect photography technique. You might have heard the famous saying, “Bad workman blames his tools.” It applies to photography also.

I know many photographers who capture beautiful images with their point-and-shoot camera. So, I will share some tips that will help you get the best results from your current camera.

1. Focus on Image Composition

Before looking to improve image quality with a high-end camera, it is always better to start with the basics. So, I strongly recommend focussing on Image composition. It is the composition that makes your picture stand out. So, you should use the right Image composition technique.

Now, the question would be, what is the right image composition technique? There are many image composition techniques like the rule of thirds, composing with leading lines, the rule of golden spirals, and many more.

So, if you are a beginner in photography, then I recommend you to try out each of these composition techniques for a particular scene. It will help you to get a better idea of which composition suits the scene best.

You can capture the scene using multiple techniques and download the images on your computer and see for yourself, which composition techniques suit the scene most.

2. Know your camera

You may be looking for a camera upgrade; still, you may not be knowing all the settings and features in your camera. So, try to learn and understand your camera first. Know the limitation of the current camera and use it accordingly.

You may be having a camera with a low Dynamic range. So, try to compose your shots within that range for better results. If the picture turns out very grainy at higher ISOs then limit your shots to lower ISO values.

Learn to use Aperture Priority mode in your camera, during the beginning stage. Later, you can switch to the Manual mode, to get full control over camera settings.

3. Lens factor

If you are making use of an interchangeable lens camera like a DSLR or a mirrorless camera, then you should consider your lens part also. Optics play an important role in image quality. So, if you are using a cheap low-quality lens, then it will have an impact on image quality.

Each camera lens will have a sweet spot where it delivers the best quality image (Aperture value). So, make use of that aperture value to get the best out of your lens.

4. Post-Processing

Post-processing is another factor that can make an ordinary image look extraordinary. If your camera is capable of supporting RAW format, then make use of this feature to record your images.

The RAW format will give you more details to work with rather than a JPEG image.

Even if your camera supports only JPEG format, you can still use any photo editing software to process your JPEG image. Adobe’s Lightroom and Photoshop are the two favorite post-processing software, which you can use.

If you are entirely new to this software, you can use any free online tutorials to learn the basics.

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