Two-Year-Old Boy Miraculously Saved By His Twin Brother

The home is seen primarily as an area of comfort and sanctuary from the world.

Nevertheless, accidents which are often referred to as domestic accidents still take place in this supposed sanctuary from the outside world.

Domestic accidents occur in the home and around home environments and are basically one of the four major causes of deaths in the world.

The study and prevention of domestic accidents, which includes accidents in and around the home and in institutions, is of increasing importance.

The mortality statistics released by NCBI show that an estimated 8,335 people died from accidents in the UK in 2010, a figure equivalent to the population of a reasonably sized town.

Domestic accidents form one of the four main causes of death in this country and have become relatively more common in recent years.

A two-year-old was at risk of joining the statistic of children who die from home accidents every year.

Two-Year-Old Boy Miraculously Saved By His Twin BrotherThe young child who was playing in his room was attempting to climb an open dresser when it fell on top of him effectively pinning him down under the dresser.

The footage of the heart-stopping event was captured by a nanny cam inside the room and was later posted online by the parents of the child.

The two-year-old who was effectively crushed by the weight of the dresser was saved by the quick thinking of his twin brother who was able to wrestle the dresser off of his brother.Two-Year-Old Boy Miraculously Saved By His Twin Brother

In the heart-stopping video, shot on a webcam in the tots’ bedroom, the boy is seen miraculously lifting the massive piece of furniture of his crying brother.

The footage initially shows the trapped twin crying for help while his brother tried to work out how to free him.

Two-Year-Old Boy Miraculously Saved By His Twin Brother

After initially trying to push the bookcase from behind, he goes to the side where his twin is trapped and with superhuman strength, manages to lift the heavy item high enough for his brother to wiggle out.

Talk about having your brother’s back.

Two-Year-Old Boy Miraculously Saved By His Twin Brother

The boy’s mother who has been identified as Kayli Shoff told KUTV-TV that she didn’t hear the dresser falling and only saw what happened after watching the video.

The boys’ father posted a link to the video on Facebook on Sunday writing that his son was alright and reminding parents of the importance of securing dressers to the wall.

The video which has also been posted to YouTube as a warning about dangerous furniture in nurseries and toddler bedrooms has garnered many comments from concerned parents.

Horrified parents praised mum Kayli Shoff for raising awareness and sent messages of support.

One of such parents, a mom wrote,

‘Omg poor baby ugh. This hurts my heart but glad he’s okay. I  have an almost 2-year-old just pictured her little face. OMG thank the Lord he’s ok.’

Another mum wrote,

‘This fellow twin mom is so happy these boys are okay!!’.

Paula Mooney added,

‘Brought tears to my eyes. Thank God for that miraculous strength!’

We will never understand how a two-year-old was able to lift a dresser, a burst of adrenaline perhaps, but it is indeed fortunate that he was able to perform the amazing feat.

Written by Evelyn Smith

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