Why Python is a Good Language to Learn for Beginners

Why Python is a Good Language to Learn for Beginners

Python is continuing its run of topping the chart of the most sought-after languages each year for five years in a row, according to the StackOverflow developer survey. Similarly, the TIOBE index shows Python quickly rose to the 2nd most popular language this year. Python now sits between 1st placed C and 3rd placed Java. 

Python is a high-level Object-Oriented Programming Language. It was developed in the early 90s’ by Guido Van Rossum. It’s developed with simplicity in mind. Python today is liked by companies and businesses who need a programming language for the production side, and also those who need rapid development. If you like to learn and master Python, checkout this Python Training Course.    

Companies today relying on Python are NASA, Netflix, Google, Spotify, Amazon, Quora, Intel, eBay, Dropbox, Facebook, Instagram, etc. And these are just a start: numerous organizations use Python daily for their requirements. Python is also accelerating the pace of AI and ML developments through its platform. Over the years StackOverflow queries are more about Python and less about other languages. Today here, we will discuss the reasons that make Python a good language to learn for beginners. 

Features of Python Programming Language

Python is easy to use 

This language is very easy to use, as the syntax is very similar to the English language. It’s therefore very easy to learn. The syntax is so easy that you can memorize it with ease. Python was built to get rid of the complex syntaxes. And this is one of the many reasons that make Python one of the most popular programming languages.

Python is a cross-platform language.

Python is a versatile programming language and is also a cross-platform language. That means Python doesn’t depend on devices. Python codes can run on different platforms like Windows, Linux, Mac, etc. Python codes are compiled once and run anywhere. 

Python has tremendous community support.

It’s been 30 years since Python was born. And that’s the reason why it has mature community support. Python is an open-source language that makes it easy to work with and get answers to difficult code from community users. This aspect makes Python helpful in faster development scenarios. 

Python has an extensive list of libraries.

Python has one of the most extensive lists of packages or libraries. There are thousands of packages or modules ready to be used, which helps in solving problems much quicker. If you find yourself stuck while solving a problem, you can rely on these packages to help you master it. There are libraries for Web Development, Machine Learning, Data Science, Data Visualization, Artificial Intelligence, etc. 

Python has a good level of integration. 

Python codes integrate well with other programming languages like Java, C, C++, etc. You can easily build projects on top of it. 

Python applications

Above, we discussed the various features of Python. Now, we are going to discuss the applications of the Python programming language. As we know, Python is a versatile language, and with the help of various libraries and packages, we can build various projects and solve problems using these ready-made modules and packages. Let’s discuss the various applications of Python in brief: 

Python is great for web development.

Python language is a great option for Web Development. For web development, there are various frameworks like Django, etc. There are micro-frameworks like Bottle, Flask, etc. CMS or Content Management System is another aspect of a website. There are packages and modules for it too. Learn Python and acquire skills to solve problems of the various domains through quality packages. 

Python can be used for Scientific and Numeric Computation

Python is extensively used for Scientific and Numeric Computing. There are various libraries in Python specifically catering to this demand. Libraries like NumPy, SciPy, etc., help in both Scientific and Numeric computing. These libraries are a package of Maths, Science, and Engineering. 

Python is also used in Data Analysis through the Pandas library. Pandas library is very famous and is used by numerous Python users. 

Python is also great for Business applications.

Python finds a sharp increase in business applications, to build ERP, e-commerce systems, etc. There are many management software and platforms that you can use for business management and other applications. 

Python is known to have a strong presence in Software Development.

Python is most known for its use in the software development process. You can use this language to build, test any number of projects in it. Python libraries help you automate tests, compile them, track and manage projects along with other tasks. 


Python has many libraries and packages that help build projects much quickly and swiftly. These packages help developers save time rather than trying to reinvent the wheel every time. This article focuses on Python, its advantages, and its applications in the real world. 

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