15 Times “The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air” Got Real

You remember the story: Young kid from West Philadelphia, born and raised, on the playground is where he spent most of his days.

Chillin’ out, maxin’, relaxin’ all cool and, of course, shootin’ some b-ball outside of the school. But then a couple of guys who were up to no good, started making trouble in his neighborhood.

His mom got scared and made him move to Bel Air with his aunt and uncle.

And, boy, did that boy change their lives! The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air defined a generation.

The series may have ended in the ’90s, but that doesn’t mean we still don’t miss the Banks family.

We count down the times the iconic show got really real.

#1. When Jazz Did This In Court

15 Times "The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air" Got Real

#2. When Will Knew Exactly How To Act When He Was Stopped By Police

#3. When Will Explained To Carlton How Racial Profiling Works

#4. When Carlton Blasted A Black Sorority Guy Who Accused Him Of Being A “Sell Out”

#5. The Episode Where Aunt Viv Schooled Will On Black History

#6. The Episode Where Aunt Janice Brought Home Her White Fiancé

#7. The Time When Carlton Took Speed And Fainted At Prom

#8. Which Resulted In Will Giving A Heartfelt Apology 

#9. When Will Stopped Carlton From Carrying A Gun

#10. The Time Where Uncle Phil Gave Dating Advice To Ashley

15 Times "The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air" Got Real

#11. When Veronica Put Will In His Place For Cat Calling

#12. When Will Tells Carlton To Visit Uncle Phil In Hospital

15 Times "The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air" Got Real

#13. When Will Explained To Carlton Why He Was Going To Marry Lisa

15 Times "The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air" Got Real

#14. The Time When Will’s Father Let Him Down

15 Times "The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air" Got Real

#15. Resulting In This Scene Which Made Us All Cry…

Written by Christine Haveford

Christine loves all things cinema, and she's been that way ever since she was a little girl. In fact, she is so passionate about cinema that she decided to pursue cinematography as a full-time career, and is now pursuing film studies at the New York Film School. Originally from Florida, she is still exploring the new city, people, places, and the culture, loves the new weather, going ice skating during winters, and spending time with her fellow classmates and friends from college.

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