This Awesome Woman Overcame Cervical Cancer To Graduate As An Attorney

If you’re going through a hard time right now and can’t see a way out – prepared to be inspired.

All Chanel White wanted to be was an attorney. But two days before her finals, she was tragically diagnosed with stage one cervical cancer.

Unsurprisingly, with the heavy weight of her diagnosis on her mind, she failed her exams. 

But White was determined to not give up on her dream. She resolved at the age of 34 to pursue her dream of becoming an attorney. Although she struggled through law school she never gave up.

The Baltimore woman fought back against the disease to graduate with honors. 

Chanel has shared her inspirational story on social media.

"At 34, I decided I was going to follow my dream of being an attorney. Law school was full of ups and downs. My first…

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At one point Chanel’s academic advisor suggested to her that she should drop out to concentrate on her health.

But she was determined to persevere through her health challenges. Chanel went on not only to graduate but to achieve several accomplishments.

This included winning the Nelson Mandela International Negotiations Competition. She was also voted as the Community Service Award Recipient. In her third year at law school, her all female team also won the regional Thurgood Marshall Mock Trial Competition.

This Awesome Woman Overcame Cervical Cancer To Graduate As An Attorney

She said: “I took so long to follow my dream because I listened to so many others who did not follow their dream tell me I couldn’t do it.’

“I decided then that I wouldn’t let anyone else decide what I was capable of achieving. Now, finally, I received my J.D.! It’s never too late to do what you were destined to do!”

Congratulations Chanel!

Written by Christine Haveford

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