Man Tries To Kill Spider With Blowtorch And Accidentally Burns House Down

Lawd, all I can say is these spiders must have been HUGE!

A man was faced with a spiders in his home. He had two basic human instincts: fight or flight.

And he chose to fight and fight to the death!

Heroically, he managed to kill the spiders…but sadly he managed to burn down his home. 

Officials in Tucson, Arizona, say that they responded to reports of smoke and flames coming from a mobile home in the Arizona city.

The man had been using a blowtorch to remove spiders and webs from underneath his mobile home.

Man Tries To Kill Spider With Blowtorch And Accidentally Burns House Down
Tucson Fire Department

The fire department said that they arrived to discover that an elderly woman had been removed from the blaze by her son and some neighbors.

She had sustained minor injuries while being carried out, but was thankfully not severely injured by the fire.

It took eleven minutes for 23 firefighters to put out the blaze in the mobile home.

There were no other injuries reported aside from those of the elderly woman who was carried out.

The Red Cross has is reportedly helping out the two residents who have been displaced by the fire.

Written by Christine Haveford

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