O.J. Simpson Threatens To sue Las Vegas Hotel For $100 Million For Being Racist.

Probably the most infamous person ever to play football, O.J is finally going to be on the other side of a court case.

At seventy, O.J Simpson has lost none of his verve and energy and has always managed to get into the news for one reason or the other ever since his release from prison.

O.J Simpson was released from prison on October 1st last year after spending time behind bars for assault and aggravated armed robbery.

This time around though, O.J is blameless as he is suing the Cosmopolitan Hotel for acting toward him with malice and racial prejudice.

But the hotel management tells a different story entirely.

According to the Las Vegas hotel and casino, on November 9, 2017, O.J Simpson was drunk and disruptive warranting his being kicked out of the hotel premises.

O.J. Simpson Threatens To sue Las Vegas Hotel For $100 Million For Being Racist.

Not only did Cosmopolitan issue a trespass notice to Simpson but they also banned him from returning to the casino.

O.J Simpson meanwhile is adamant about the hotel’s fault and has signified his intent to pursue his cause legally in a letter to the Cosmopolitan.

In the aforementioned letter, O.J Simpson’s lawyer, Malcolm Lavergne wrote,

‘The Cosmopolitan Casino discriminately singled out Mr. Simpson amongst his non-African American friends and subsequently expelled him’.

Malcolm Lavergne who was O.J’s lawyer when he was sent to prison went as far as stating that surveillance video of the incidence obtained by the police proves that the Cosmopolitan’s side of things is highly false.

Simpson was at the hotel and casino eating with friends and had been released just earlier that year.

O.J. Simpson Threatens To sue Las Vegas Hotel For $100 Million For Being Racist.

Local media outlets across the country reported that Simpson was inebriated when he started breaking glasses Cosmopolitan Hotel’s Clique Bar & Lounge.

He was reportedly escorted out of the famous hotel by security guards after he was ejected.

But Simpson and his lawyer are not buying that narrative.

A portion of the scathing and warning letter to the hotel reads,

‘My investigation also leads me to believe that the false and malicious allegations leveled against Mr. Simpson was a concerted effort by the Cosmopolitan, its executives, employees or agents, and affiliates to paint Mr. Simpson in a false light by providing the scandalous information to media outlets, for-profit and in the hopes of jeopardizing Mr. Simpson’s parole status and embarrass him.’

Malcolm Lavergne and his team are seemingly ready to duel it out in court with the Cosmopolitan as they have requested for all evidence from the night – including copies of the hotel surveillance video from the night, a list of employees working that evening and the casino’s policy on banning individuals.

Simpson can only drink alcohol in moderation and has to take drug and alcohol testing because of his parole.

LaVergne added that Simpson tested negative for both tests when prompted by his parole officer after that night.

Cosmopolitan Hotel is choosing to keep silent regarding the threats of a court case as they were quoted as saying to 8News,

‘As a matter of company policy, The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas does not comment on potential litigation.’

The Cosmopolitan better watch out as it looks like O.J Simpson who has left all of the talking to his legal team and his lawyer are coming for blood.

O.J. Simpson Threatens To sue Las Vegas Hotel For $100 Million For Being Racist.

Written by Evelyn Smith

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